Add Visual Content to Drive Home Your Message

Add Visual Content to Drive Home Your Message

Although you may have your audience’s time for the duration of your presentation, you don’t have equal amounts of their attention. The attention span of the average adult is about two minutes. That’s around the same amount of time it takes to read through just one of your slides. Multiply that by twenty or thirty and the likelihood that they’ve absorbed all that text becomes very slim. Most people don’t want to have to read thousands of words to get the information they need.

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A Quick-and-Easy Way to Create Video Content

How do prospects check you out? They probably take a look at your online content to find out how relevant you are to their needs. And today’s picky consumers may look at only a small sample, but they want a buffet to choose from. So how’s the best way to produce a lot of content — not just once but continually? I’m so glad you asked 😉 Read more

Audio/Video Options: Easier & Better Than Ever

You know, we work hard at ClickMeeting to make using our platform much easier for you. Today we have yet more news – we’ve added some important updates to make managing audio and video during your meeting a piece of cake. Plus we’ve added more audio options, so you have more choices, depending on the speed of your available Internet connection. Read more

Take a Tour of ClickMeeting

To make using ClickMeeting even easier and more productive, we’ve prepared a new video tour for you. In 2 short minutes, you’ll learn about the features and advantages of the ClickMeeting platform and how they can benefit your business. Read more