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How To Use Webinars To Onboard Your Customers

Onboarding webinars are an essential marketing strategy to help customers realize the full potential of your offering, be it a product or service. Think of it as the most impressive and detailed introduction to what they just purchased.

/ July 5, 2017

How to Implement Employer Branding Webinars

Why should you consider hosting webinars as part of your employer branding strategy? and inform of the job opportunities within your organization. From this post, you will learn which employer branding activities you can support with webinars and what kind...

/ May 26, 2017

Is Your Message Genuine? Your Audience Can Tell

For your webinar presentation to have the greatest impact on your audience, your message has to be genuine. A message that comes across as too well rehearsed or sloppy will fail to motivate your audience into action.

/ March 31, 2017

4 Things You Must Do After Your Webinar Is Over

Even after a webinar presentation, there are many things you must do to boost its effectiveness. It would be a mistake to think your job is over once the webinar presentation ends. In fact, there are key tasks that require...

/ March 17, 2017

Your Webinar Goal: Providing Value Versus Selling and Conversions

Webinars are great tools to use as part of your marketing strategy. Online marketers who start using webinars to promote their products find that their sales quickly increase. However, there is always the question of which is the best type...

/ March 10, 2017

5 Tips to Avoid Sounding Like a Robot in Your Webinar

Let’s face it, not all of us were born natural speakers or orators and feel comfortable delivering an online presentation. Therefore, the prospect of speaking in front of an audience for an hour or so can fill you with trepidation....

/ March 3, 2017

Demo Your Product to Help Customers Make a Buying Decision

When it comes to marketing, earning the trust of prospective customers should always be the end goal. Today’s customer has a wide variety of choices in brands they can purchase from. There’s also a multitude of sources that influence their...

/ February 21, 2017

How to Overcome Barriers in Education with Webinars

Schools, universities and education departments can benefit from webinars, as they can simulate traditional classrooms without their time and space limitations. Educational webinars are also cost effective.

/ February 9, 2017

5 Tips To Make The Webinar Experience Easier For Attendees

One challenge that many webinar hosts face is to maximize attendance figures for their online presentations. It can sometimes be difficult to know the best strategy to boost the number of attendees at your webinar. The problem arises because you...

/ December 13, 2016

Using Webinars in Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Affiliate marketing requires a strong marketing campaign to be a reliable source of passive income. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

/ November 29, 2016