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Another year filled with online events is over. And it was another year with experts representing various industries leading the market. The market for webinars and online meetings is becoming increasingly diverse. We want to highlight this diversity in our report as well.

2023 in the online events industry was the year of power users: users who use not only the various tools available within ClickMeeting plans, but also different event formats. As a result, they are able to fulfill different needs, turning online events into the cornerstone of their business.

What are the common points, and what divides representatives of different industries? What separates leaders from average users? How much money can be made from paid events? These are some of the questions you’ll get answers to with the State of Online Events report.

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What will you learn from the report?

In the State of Online Events report, you’ll find answers to the most important questions about the shape of the online events market in 2023 and how users used ClickMeeting. Among other things, you will find out:

  • Which industries used webinars most often
  • Who the power users are and how they use the platform
  • What distinguishes the leaders of each industry
  • When and how the tool was used most often
  • How much money can be made from paid events.

This report is for you if:

  • You are interested in the latest trends in education,
  • You are a digital marketing specialist and want to learn about effective strategies,
  • You work in education, marketing and sales, healthcare, HR or business management,
  • You want to learn what distinguishes the best event organizers.

Industries in the webinar market

Experts are increasingly aware of the advantages that webinars and online meetings offer them, and are increasingly using features that help them engage their audiences more, increase their attendee base, but also collaborate more efficiently.

What industries do they represent? We took a look at the events hosted on the ClickMeeting platform in 2023. Among them, we highlighted the following categories:



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Key findings from the report

During 2023, a ClickMeeting user hosted 46 events on average, with a total of 636 attendees. This resulted in nearly 14 attendees per event on average.

The average event lasted for 106 minutes, and the user session was 71 minutes.

The largest group of users were power users – people who use online events for various purposes. They were responsible for as much as 26% of the events. Just behind them were marketers (24%), followed closely by trainers, who prepared one in five events.

Most events were held on Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. The most popular time was 4pm.

The most frequently used feature of the ClickMeeting platform was presentation – it was used 54.42% of the time. Second place went to screen sharing (17.69%), followed by interactive whiteboard (8.05%).

The record holder generated revenue of more than EUR 37,000 per event. The total amount earned during the year by the leader on paid webinars is EUR 156,836.29.

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