One of the best ways that a business can generate more leads is by using webinars. You may have a great product or service to offer, but how are you going to market this? Webinars allow you to connect with other businesses and research shows that they can be extremely effective. So, why should your business use webinars?

The first reason is that video marketing is set to dominate advertising in 2016. This means that any marketing campaign not incorporating videos will fall by the wayside.

The second reason is the success of webinars in B2B marketing. Did you know that 2/3 of businesses who use webinars said they were very effective? In fact, one poll on the best marketing tactics put webinars in second place. The top marketing tactic was video marketing.


Why B2B Marketing Need Webinars

Here are the top ways how to use webinars for B2B marketing:

  • Promote your product. Webinars can give wide exposure to new products or services that you are offering. Even if the webinar is just for informational purposes, they increase your online exposure. 2016 will see video marketing dominating the marketing sector. Webinars are even more important to use because Google now shows videos in search results.
  • Create seminars with visual appeal. With the webinar platforms offering the ability to use video, images, Powerpoint, desktop sharing, polls, social media elements and much more they are the premier choice when it comes to created stunning visually appealing presentations that engage a wide variety of target audiences with unique and interested content.
  • Use for training. Webinars are great for training purposes. Of course, B2B marketers are looking to sell products, but people need to know how to use a product, or the benefits they get from the service. Webinars offer the possibility to have live demonstrations with consumer feedback. Or they can be recorded and then streamed later. Longer recordings can be broken down. Offer these shorter videos as part of a training course when the company has purchased the product.
  • Create brand awareness. The more that a brand is recognized, the more people will trust it. Use webinars to focus on the brand. This will create in other businesses an awareness which is difficult to achieve by other marketing tactics. The way this is done will depend on the product. Use webinars to get new customers and look after your existing ones.
  • Use webinars to save resources. It has been said that “time is money”. So the more time you can save, then the more money you are saving. Webinars can be used to reach a wide, even global, audience. Webinars can be produced in an office or room. The technology that a host needs is becoming ever cheaper. Online there are plenty of webinars on how to create the perfect webinar. In the end, a webinar can be a better experience for the audience.
  • Generate email lists. Most webinars need a person to sign up with an email address. These can be invaluable to expand email campaigns to a wider audience. Even if the webinar is free, get them to sign up for it. Always, remember to let registrants know that they will be added to an email list. It’s always helpful to let them know what kind of emails to expect. Remember: if someone has taken the time to sign up for the webinar and watch it, then she or he will probably welcome more information.
  • Use surveys. A well thought out survey can give you great insight into the mindset of your audience. You can use surveys to find out any issues they have with the product and what they’ve found useful. This information is invaluable for marketers. It allows you to sort problems what could be driving customers away. They can also give you a great source to create testimonials.

All B2B marketers should be using webinars. They are one of the most underrated and underused marketing tactics today. With their visual elements and incredibly effective personalized contact that beats contextual content hands down, webinars have already improved the success of many B2B marketers. During the coming years, they will be one of the dominant marketing methods.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

Agnes is the Brand & Communication Director at ClickMeeting.

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