Nearly 600 000 events with almost 17 million attendees only during the last year! Are you grabbing your share of this webinar boom? Or are you missing out on opportunities? We collected a ton of data on ClickMeeting webinars conducted in 2017. Then we analyzed trends and consolidated our findings in an easy-to-read report. Are you ready to power up your digital strategy with meaningful insights and analysis? Are you ready to inject webinars into your every-day marketing activity?


Webinars make a difference

Marketers agree – video communication has become a pillar for building a successful digital business. The demand for engaging and valuable (and also – delightful) video content is still growing and all the foresight articles, reports, conference speakers share the main prediction – that you need to start producing video content to be able to fight for your position in the market.

Because of the richness of interactive and engaging features, webinars are in the avant-garde of video content.

To make that point more clear, we have produced something special for you:

To help you out in building your marketing strategy for 2018, we have wrapped up the State of Webinars report. We wanted you to have the best overview what’s happening in webinar and online meetings landscape.

But the real deal is:

If you still haven’t decided what form of activity to focus on, this report will give you a hint. Webinars come up as a top-notch and effective tool when it comes to online education, product demo, lead generation, and much more! Therefore, if you have already underlined running online courses and gathering a virtual classroom for your students scattered all over the globe – you should definitely get your eyes on this report.

So, take a look at this sneak-peak first:


Some of the trends were surprising:

  • 76% of B2B buyers attended webinars to make purchasing decisions.
  • Interactive webinar features were popular: group chat, polls, Q&A.
  • 32% of attendees joined from mobile devices.

SIDENOTE: The fist outcome of the above is the one you should pay attention to. This finding opens up huge opportunities for your online business. Make the most of the interactive and multimedia tools a webinar platform can give you, and engage your B2B audience with relevant content that will drive your business relationship to a final-call stage.


Other trends came as no surprise:

  • The number of webinars increased 7% versus 2016.
  • The number of attendees increased 16% versus 2016.
  • The average webinar lasts just over an hour (63 minutes).

As you can see, the webinar sector is on the rise! But there’s more to it! Check out the geography section and take a look what country would be your next promising target market.

Moreover, take some time to think about the predictions and trends, and how can you merge them with your vision and ideas.

We’ll leave you to it. The full report includes must-have information and insights to help your business compete and thrive in 2018. Enjoy!


State of Webinars 2018 infographic


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