From 2 weeks down to 1 day! How did Nest Bank manage to reduce the franchisee onboarding process that much? How did they cut off the nuisance of travel for training, and win back loads of time and money? Here’s the story of how webinars can make executives smile.


The Client:

Nest Bank


Their reasons for using the ClickMeeting Platform:

  • Onboarding and training bank franchisees and their employees, to deliver all the know-how they need to run bank franchise branches.
  • Training and maintaining swift corporate communication with employees from Nest Bank’s own branches.


The benefits:

  • Faster, easier and cheaper on-boarding sessions for new franchisees and training events for existing ones located in over 200 franchise branches.
  • More efficient, engaging, and agile training sessions for bank employees scattered all over the country.
  • Ruling out the travel obligation for the onboarding and training purposes.
  • Reducing costs and saving time on a big scale.


Two different cases – one software platform

Nest Bank has two different business models that require different communication and have different audiences within the organization. The first one, coordinated from the bank’s office located in Gdańsk, is responsible for franchisees and onboarding their bank advisors.

The second one, handled by the Nest Bank’s headquarters in Warsaw, is in charge of internal, corporate communication, and product training for all bank employees. To make things work, both Nest Bank’s divisions needed one versatile software platform. The decision was – ClickMeeting.


Gdańsk – How can you train hundreds of franchisees and not collapse?

Before we decided to use the ClickMeeting platform, we were mostly focused on organizing stationary training events  says Krzysztof Grodecki, the trainer of Nest Bank Affiliate Network.


Why didn’t it work?

The bank’s offer was changing so much and so often, that it was impossible to keep all the franchisees up-to-date with the products. To keep pace, we needed a new tool and a new strategy continues Krzysztof Grodecki.


Webinars came up as a natural choice. Nest Bank decided to try the ClickMeeting platform to run events that aren’t hectic like traditional ones.

Today, if we had to come back to stationary training events, we would have to organize 16 large sessions in 16 different regions. It would take 10 times longer to achieve it, not even mentioning the travel costs, venues, accommodations, and so on  says Grodecki. – Instead of wasting 2 weeks of our time, we spend only one day to do all this with a single webinar!


How do webinars work for them in this case? They hold their events once or twice a week for 250-350 attendees. To make it compact and digestible, each event doesn’t last more than 1.5 hours. They send invitations with secure token-protected access and gather up all the franchisees in one customized webinar room.

How do webinars meet Nest Bank’s needs and expectations?

  • With the screen sharing tool, webinar hosts can train attendees more efficiently, especially when it comes to explaining new system features or new data-entry procedure.
  • Webinars give the chance for live interaction with attendees through Chat Mode and during the Q&A session.
  • They are a source of instant feedback from attendees.
  • Webinars enable hosts to reuse events to share post-webinar training materials with attendees.

Warsaw – How can you pass the same knowledge to all employees?

Before switching to webinars, the Nest Bank’s managers in Warsaw were also discouraged by the expensive, time and effort-consuming model of onboarding and training held in the main office or in the field.

We have expanded very fast and so has the product and its features  says Kamila Szymańska, the Manager of The Sales Effectiveness Department in Nest Bank. We got to the point when we had to send the updates via e-mails, but we couldn’t make sure that our message will get to everyone the way we wanted to.

The offer was evolving, and so was the bank app. Therefore, the communication strategy had to enter a new phase as well. And that meant incorporating webinars and ClickMeeting.

Nest Bank’s higher-ups decided to run no more than 4 events per month. The audience – up to 250 bank advisors and branch executives take part in a few types of webinars:

  • Product training
  • Product updates
  • Sales status meetings
  • Documentation quality training
  • Marketing campaigns summaries

Was it difficult to start conducting webinars on a large scale?

The implementing of ClickMeeting was incredibly easy – admits Kamila Szymańska from Nest Bank. – Despite the fact that I’m not tech-savvy, not even once did I need to ask for help with working with this software. It is intuitive and very easy to use.


What sort of webinar features have they found especially useful for product training events?

  • Presentation as a main source of knowledge and insights
  • Chat and Q&A mode for valuable interaction with attendees
  • Drawing tools for pointing out the most important aspects of a presentation
  • Screen sharing as an irreplaceable tool for product training and sharing in-depth knowledge about apps.

How do Nest Bank’s managers feel about using ClickMeeting to achieve their main goal?

The greatest value is that during webinars we really are connected with everyone employed in our network, and we can pass the same information to the whole group -says Kamila Szymańska.


Would Nest Bank recommend ClickMeeting platform?

Certainly yes! – says Krzysztof Grodecki. – If we got back to traditional training events, we would have to close down half of the franchise branches for God knows how long. Webinars on the ClickMeeting platform give us everything we need to achieve our business goals.


Kamila Szymańska from the Warsaw office confirms:

With webinars on ClickMeeting we deliver our knowledge faster and more effectively, we reduce costs like never before, and we save precious time for our trainers and our employees. It’s a win-win solution for everyone in Nest Bank.



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