In today’s business world, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important. It is a vital marketing channel for both big and small companies which helps them get customers.


Let’s be honest, no matter how innovative your business is, the quality of your services won’t be of much importance unless you can be googled. Companies that want to ensure maximum visibility of their websites, more and more often turn to SEO experts like Senuto.

Senuto, a Poland-based company, was created with SEO in mind. Their services range from smart content planning to boosting SEO efforts. And all this to significantly improve your company rankings in the search engine results page.


The customer:

Senuto – an SEO analytics platform that lets customers plan, monitor, and optimize their marketing activities in Google.


Their reason for using ClickMeeting platform:

Promoting new functions in Senuto platform and educating users on how to use them in practice.


The benefits:

  • Making customers get to know Senuto tools better.

  • Instructing customers how to solve their problems and optimize their marketing activities in Google.


Complex procedures easier to understand with webinars

As an SEO software suite, Senuto offers modules essential to SEO specialists in their everyday work. Their product is based on a SaaS model and provides the users with tons of search data grouped into many reports. Senuto is constantly adding new functions, reports and integrations. It’s of a great importance to get users notified after they’ve been launched and guide them through it step-by-step.

That’s why for Senuto, webinars have always been a perfect way to support users’ journey through their platform.

Karolina Matyska, Content Marketing Manager at Senuto, says:

Webinars are one of our best content marketing platforms. They give us a chance to guide our users step-by-step through Senuto tools and reports. This way it’s easier for our customers to understand the real value they gain with Senuto.


Sharing knowledge in an automated way

The value the customers gain from webinars is unquestionable. They are provided with useful knowledge on how to use Senuto tools to be more efficient in everyday work. As a result, they automatically feel greater brand trust and are willing to pay for it. Educating the audience through webinars isa win-win situation for both sides. It perfectly matches the webinar cycle concept created by ClickMeeting.

Various viewers attend Senuto webinars, both more and less advanced in SEO-related topics. And they have to be catered to the needs of different personas. To offer premium content, they require commitment and a thoughtful action plan.

Preparing valuable content is demanding and time-consuming. It is very helpful when you can make use of an easy implementation process as well as other automated webinar solutions. 

Thanks to the ready-to-implement integrations we swiftly integrated the tool with our Google Analytics account, Google Ads system, Facebook pixel and HubSpot – says Karolina Matyska.

She admits that the webinar automation takes most of the hard work off her shoulders and saves loads of her valuable time.


I appreciate that ClickMeeting has this little feature that enables automatic webinar recording. This way I don’t have to think about it. And before or during a webinar, you’ve got quite a lot of things to remember about.

Surely, forgetting to record a webinar would be more than a pity to Senuto customers. A lot of those who attended the webinar, actively reuse the recorded material afterwards.

Lead conversion path made simpler  

Apart from sharing knowledge and automating your work on webinars, ClickMeeting also offers a great deal of help in the difficult process of converting your leads into customers.

After a successful webinar, it’s much easier to redirect attendee to your website with a sign-up or a buy-now form.

One of Karolina Matyska’s favorite features of the ClickMeeting platform appears after a webinar ends:

I like that ClickMeeting redirects the attendees to the website I previously determined. In our case, it’s the registration page of Senuto platform.


Demanding audience knows the real value

Thanks to 30-minute webinars, customers may get to know Senuto platform and learn how to use it efficiently. As Karolina says, the feedback from customers is always very positive. With every new webinar, they get people who ask for more.

It’s great to hear that they want the knowledge that we share and look forward to get it. What is more, they want to know whether they can get notified about the newest webinars. It could be great if you had a ready-to-use solution to embed on our website with the information about the upcoming webinars.


Would Senuto recommend ClickMeeting webinar software?

Karolina Matyska doesn’t think twice about the answer:

I would definitely recommend ClickMeeting. It’s easy and intuitive to use and, what’s most important for me, I can rely on it. Imagine I have a webinar starting in three minutes, most of the attendees are there, and I can’t open my webinar platform. It just can’t happen!


Fair to say, it never happened with ClickMeeting.

Ready to start creating your success story with webinars? Take ClickMeeting on a test drive – create a 30-day free trial account today and experience all the webinar cycle’s features!

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