Online courses are in their renaissance era right now, and that’s not going to end any time soon. On the contrary, online knowledge sharing is like a super nuclear engine powering up businesses and individuals. It literally changes the lives of both students and teachers. So, if you’re planning to launch your career as an online teacher, there wasn’t a better time to start.


Do you want to find a way to reach students all over the globe? Are you on a lookout for a simple and efficient way to share and monetize your knowledge?

Let’s take a closer look at how a world-class teacher took advantage of webinars. It’s a success story of Arturo Tedeschi – an architect and computational designer.



The Customer:

Arturo Tedeschi an architect and computational designer based in Milan, Italy. He’s the founder and creative director of the architecture practice and design consulting A>T which promotes a new kind of algorithmic-based design and brings computational design services for all industries facing challenges in the complex geometry.


Arturo’s reason for using the ClickMeeting platform:

  • Online courses – empowering his students, beginners, and professionals with unique, highest quality knowledge and technical skills when it comes to the computational design and geometrical software.

The benefits:

  • Using webinars as a substantial extension for the already established profession as a teacher and trainer
  • Staying in touch with students all around the world
  • Reaching bigger audiences which was impossible to get through via traditional education
  • Enhancing the business as an online teacher
  • Making the process easy and intuitive


Let’s break it down:


The days before webinars – the golden expertise

When we visited Arturo Tedeschi in his home town, Milan, we realized that design and architecture are in the center of his universe. As he showed us impressive buildings designed by his friends, we knew he knows the business inside out. He didn’t come out of anywhere.

As Arturo recalls:

My work started in 2009 when I published my first book about computational design called Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper, which is a theoretical book about computational design but also a practical guide on the Grasshopper software.


Book publication was a high starting point and a flywheel for his career.

Then, I published my second book, which is called AAD, one of the reference books today on Algorithms-Aided DesignArturo Tedeschi continues over an espresso with us.


With these two publications, he managed to create solid foundations and go higher. Over the years, he has reinforced his position as an expert in his niche. Arturo has also established his network and reputation. Conferences, more publications, in-person training sessions – he covered them all.

As a result, I switched to other activities. I work as a consultant, teacher, trainer for corporations, and also at universities– says Arturo.


Webinar online courses – a great way to create a connection 

Arturo Tedeschi has established his teaching activity with his in-person training sessions and his books. But his appetite kept growing, and the hype about online courses was impossible to ignore.

For him as a trendsetter, the idea of incorporating webinars into his teaching career came pretty naturally.

Webinar online courses have become a part of my business – Arturo admits. – The basic idea was to stay in touch with students all over the world. I needed to reach a bigger audience. And webinars? They are the perfect way to create this kind of connection.


In the beginning, Arturo regarded webinars as just an extension of education and training practices he was already doing in real life but offline. The effects were beyond his expectations.

According to Arturo:

Webinars today are the best channel for talking with as many students as possible. It is essential for me because the main goal for me as a teacher is sharing knowledge.

Sell the knowledge they won’t get from books

The primary audience of his webinars are designers, architects, and also engineers that want to push the boundaries in their professions. Arturo knew his students want to reach the kind of knowledge that is not possible to get relying just on books. 

To be more specific, the purpose of his webinars is teaching computational design using the Grasshopper software.

When we talked with Arturo, he emphasized the power of his previous recognition as a top-class expert. The publications, conferences, and stationary in-person training sessions certainly paid off. What also did the trick, was influencing people on social media, especially Instagram.

So, when I decided to promote my first webinar, I already had an audience for that – Arturo smiles.


Achieve more with online courses

When Arturo recalls his offline in-person training experience, he certainly sees the magic there:

I can say that it was interesting and beautiful for a personal and direct connection with my students.

However, there’s much more to it when it comes to webinar online courses:

…but with online training, I can reach like hundred or two hundred people at the same time. It’s about starting a new kind of relationships with people. You can talk with much more people and create a new form of dialogue with this form of communication.


Online teaching with ClickMeeting is easy

Arturo admits that webinars as such came as a natural choice when he considered extending his teaching activity with another channel.

We asked him about his experience with other webinar platforms, and he admitted that ClickMeeting wasn’t his first take:

I have tried a few platforms before a final decision, but I couldn’t rely on any of them. They were not so user-friendly and complicated to use, so I just gave up on them.


He needed a reliable and straightforward solution.

I immediately fell in love with ClickMeeting because of its simplicity– says Arturo Tedeschi.


During our fantastic meeting in Milan, the word “simplicity” was coming back like a buzzword boomerang. It was a great feeling to hear that especially when it was said by a world-class engineer who works with software and does that for a living.

The exciting insight for us was when Arturo highlighted the way ClickMeeting manages subscription and the enrollment process:

What I found compelling, is ClickMeeting’s approach towards registration and contacts which is easy to use, reliable and effective – says Arturo. – The simplicity of the interface is absolutely amazing and makes the teaching process very pleasant.


You can focus on online teaching, not the tool

Arturo discovered the power of knowledge-sharing and the potential of webinars as a tool to pass on his expertise and skills.

What he needed to accelerate the process, ClickMeeting was the platform that would take the complicated part off his shoulders.

Arturo made his point clear, and it was music to our ears:

Compared to other webinar software platforms, within ClickMeeting you just have to set up a few options. You decide if you want to do a paid or not paid event–  the platform thinks about all the rest. You can focus on what you really want to do.


Top-notch webinar features to run online courses

Apart from the easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, and simple registration process, Arturo embraced other features such as the webinar recording:

Yes, I always record webinars; it’s essential to have a sort of database of our teaching activity – Arturo admits.


What’s more?

In terms of building a strong relationship with his students, he finds a real-time interaction via Chat very useful. The Italian designer reacts to their questions as he dives into the subject details and it certainly creates a bond between him and his audience.

Online teachers love the Screen Sharing feature, and so does Arturo. This tool is critically essential for his teaching activity as he can zoom into the tiniest details of computational designing and Grasshopper software. Arturo also mentioned the option to sketch on a Whiteboard while he’s talking during a webinar.

ClickMeeting has many significant options but what I like most is the possibility to present your dashboard while you talk to the students.


The future of education

To keep up the pace in the increasingly competitive and rapidly changing today’s reality, professionals and students all over the world are on a hunt for super valuable knowledge. What’s more – they are willing to pay to dive into this knowledge.

Arturo has turned this trend into a profitable business. To teach a complicated and demanding subject like the computational design, he needed feature-heavy, yet easy-to-use software.

While showing us his work in his A>T office in Milan, Arturo said:

Webinars really improve the engagement with people, so my community is growing thanks to webinars, and this is important for my next steps in online teaching. I’m convinced that webinars are the future of education since you can reach many people all over the world with a simple and reliable platform.


Would Arturo Tedeschi recommend ClickMeeting webinar software?

That was the final question we asked Arturo during our amazing stay in Italy.

He answered without hesitation:

I absolutely recommend ClickMeeting because of its simplicity. You just have to try it. After one second you will understand this is the best platform for organizing online activities, online training, reaching new people, and enhancing your business.


Running online courses with ClickMeeting certainly works for Arturo Tedeschi.

ClickMeeting is and becomes increasingly important in my profession as I want to reach as many people as possible in the nearest future. And ClickMeeting will be a part of my work and my business – ensures Arturo.


The webinar about running online courses with… webinars

That’s not the end of the story. On April 2, we organized a live webinar with Arturo Tedeschi to give you a full close-up on how top Italian designer makes the most out of webinar online courses.

And we must say, the event was splendid!

Here’s how Agnes Jóźwiak, our Marketing Director who was hosting the webinar, feels about it:


“It was such a pleasure to run this webinar together with Arturo and see him sharing the story to all our webinar attendees who connected from different parts of the globe. We ran live Q&A session at the end of the event and made sure we answered all questions that appeared. I hope those answers were helpful to all of those who are looking to start or improve their own classes.”


Ready to watch it?

Here’s the full webinar recording. Enjoy it and get inspired!

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