That was quite a class! Your audience loved your webinar. From the number of attendees to the energetic Q&A section – everything went exactly as you planned. You feel excited about the positive feedback on the breadth knowledge you delivered. Now, your audience knows you as an expert in your niche. Are you ready to take it up another notch and engage them even more? It’s all about building long-lasting relationships. Discover the potential of follow up e-mails!


Although you feel powered-up with the energy of your attendees, and you would like to plan another impressive online event, pause for a bit. Your webinar is not over yet. The moment you wave farewell to the participants and log out from the webinar platform, another opportunity opens up. Post-webinar communication enhances your brand awareness, nurtures your leads, and boosts your expert image.

From this article, you will learn how to create effective follow-up emails to stay in touch with your audience and encourage them to come back to you for more inspiring content.


#1 Ask for feedback

As soon as your webinar is over, send a thank-you message to the attendees. That’s the best time to ask them for feedback, so don’t waste the opportunity to gather it. Encourage them to share their opinions with you. Was the topic of the webinar relevant? Do they think the knowledge they have just gained will help them achieve their goals? Was there anything they liked in particular? Were there any topics they hoped you would cover but you didn’t?

Answers to these questions will help you analyze your performance and better plan your next online event. But, more importantly, by asking them, you send your audience a very clear message: “I care about your opinion, and I want to meet your needs the best I can.” They will appreciate such an approach.


#2 Send out the webinar recording

Some of the webinar participants might have missed out on some sections, or they weren’t able to take notes. Help them out! After you have thanked your audience for their participation and asked for their feedback, share the link to the webinar recording. Then they will be able to get back to it whenever they need to.

If your webinar wasn’t a paid event, you can also encourage your subscribers to share the link in their social channels. People who follow them on social media may get interested and decide to join you next time.


#3 Answer the questions you haven’t answered online

Webinar participants ask many questions, both via the chat and the Q&A sessions. You might not have enough time to answer them all during the webinar.

Remember not to leave any important questions unanswered. Jot them all down, and after the webinar is over, prepare a Q&A list and send it to your audience as a follow-up message. This lets them know you are available and willing to share your expert’s knowledge, not only during the webinar but also when it’s over.


#4 Offer extra content, available only for the participants

People appreciate getting something exclusive. Let your audience feel special and provide them with some additional quality materials related to the topic you covered during your online event.

In your follow-up email, include a summary of the webinar and the presentation slides you showed. Share links to valuable online resources. You can go one step further and offer your attendees a free e-book, report, or guide that will let them dig deeper into the topic and learn even more.


#5 Send an early invitation to your next webinar

Let your audience know about your upcoming webinar before you promote it through other channels. Send them a follow-up email with the time, date, and topic of the webinar.

Make the most of the suggestions you receive in reply to your first follow-up message. You can mention that they helped you in choosing the next webinar topic. Make it clear they are the first to get the invitations, to make them feel special.


#6 Get in touch with the ones who couldn’t make it this time

What about the people who signed up for your online event but didn’t turn up in the webinar room? Don’t leave them out of your post-webinar communication plan. They are already on your mailing list, so make sure you take good care of them to convert them into active webinar participants.

When the webinar is over, reach out to the webinar registrants who didn’t take part. Let them know where they can find the recording. Encourage them to watch it and get back to you if they have any questions related to the topic.

Ensure them you will stay in touch. As soon as you know the time and date of the next event, drop them a line immediately. Attract them with stunning content so that they can attend and take advantage of quality ideas you share.



Don’t miss the opportunities good post-webinar communication can bring. Plan your follow-up emails wisely to stay in touch with your attendees. Then, offer them even more valuable content. Boost your image as an expert, ready to share knowledge and influence them with game-changing ideas.

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

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