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Time for Online Communication – We Help You Stay Connected

The last couple of weeks completely redefined the way we work, learn, teach, and in general – communicate. Online communication tools, including video conferencing and webinar software, went through the ceiling and into the stratosphere when it comes to demand for these services. Here at ClickMeeting, we have been working around the clock to help businesses and educational institutions to stay connected.


It’s hard to imagine where we all would be now without the help of technology. Despite the necessity to stay home, we have a great opportunity to stay in touch with each other and to keep our business and learning activities going as usual.

Video conferencing and webinars have transformed from a nice-to-have option to an essential tool for everyday use. There is no surprise, that companies, schools, and other institutions rushed it to create their accounts on our webinar platform.

Our commitment is to deliver a stable application for you to successfully switch to 100% online communication.

Here’s what you can do with ClickMeeting:


Online education – teach from home

Although e-learning and teaching online is nothing new (on the contrary, this sector has been steadily increasing its popularity over the past decade), what we are experiencing right now, boils down to the statement: online education has replaced education.

As soon as schools and universities had to close down their premises, educational institutions of all shapes and sizes had to figure out an effective way to continue teaching. Pausing it for, no one knows how long, was not an option.

This is where webinars come in as a perfect solution! With the ClickMeeting webinar platform, teachers can schedule their lessons and lectures and create a fully-equipped virtual classroom.


You can even integrate your educational webinars with Moodle. Check our step-by-step guide here.

As an online teacher, you can meet your students daily and:

  • Use a high-quality audio-video mode to be seen and heard by your students;

  • Upload and play a presentation;

  • Draw on a whiteboard to visually explain any topic;

  • Play an educational video directly from YouTube;

  • Answer students’ question in a chat window;

  • Examine their knowledge by conducting polls and surveys.

How can you put it into play? To help you out and walk you through the process of scheduling and running an online class, we have prepared free “Online teaching – conducting lessons on the ClickMeeting platform” guide.


Distributed teams – work from home

Remote work is not an enticing option, and employer branding benefit anymore. What used to be a bread and butter for freelancers and an essence of the digital nomad lifestyle, now has become a must for companies and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Efficient online communication between managers and employees, within teams, and between business partners and outside consultants has turned into a top priority. Among the number of types of collaboration and project management tools, video conferencing and webinars play a huge role.

Here at ClickMeeting, we distinguish two major types of online events:

  • Webinars – created for interactive communication with broader audiences, which are ideal for teaching, training, and onboarding new employees, showcasing and selling products online, or sharing knowledge and inspiring in terms of building brand awareness and lead generation purposes.

  • Online business meetings – designed for smaller groups and online collaboration within teams up to 25 members. This get-together differs from a webinar because all attendees can be equally active and speak during the meetup, share their opinions, documents, and move projects forward.

Those daily online meetings serve perfectly for being on the same page with the rest of the team and sharing insights and experiences.

As a manager, you can team up with your colleagues and partners, or conduct a town-hall meeting with C-level executives, in one virtual conference room and:

  • Run a discussion using AV pod as well as chat;

  • Upload files you want to display;

  • Play a video from YouTube;

  • Share your screen to show your teammates the bits and pieces of what you are working on.

As the ease of use is ClickMeeting’s middle name, we want to make it even more straightforward for you by handing over to you our latest “Remote work with ClickMeeting” guide.


…and a detailed video tutorial:


The first month of the new reality – who needed ClickMeeting

There is no doubt – the last couple of weeks have been hectic for us. We needed to face an immense increase in traffic, the number of new accounts, and inquiries. Our IT department has been working 24/7 to manage it all perfectly, and our Customer Success Team replies on all email with the help of Marketing, SEO, and Legal Departments.

Online communication for online education

After scaling up our infrastructure and stabilizing the system, we can take a look back at March’s 2020 stats and see what kind of organizations decided to use the ClickMeeting platform for their online communication.

Here they are:

  • Universities and private colleges from all over the world;

  • Educational foundations and associations;

  • Language schools and training companies from the private sector;

  • NGOs, non-profit organizations;

  • Primary and secondary schools;

  • Individual trainers and language teachers.

So, as you can see, educational institutions turned out to be the most motivated to implement webinars into their everyday activities.


Thousands of events, millions of attendees

On the 17th of February, we released our yearly State of Webinars. This report wraps up last year’s statistics concerning the overall number of online events organized on ClickMeeting, the number of attendees, and many other metrics.

The report serves now as a useful benchmark to recognize the scale of what was going on in March 2020.

The numbers prove that our commitment to helping you with switching entirely to online communication was worthwhile:

  • The events held in March gathered 3,203,034 attendees. To put that into perspective, the total number of attendees who joined events in 2019 was 8,504,770. So, two more months like this and the 2019 score would be outranked!
  • 299,906 is the number of online events organized on our webinar platform in March 2020. According to our State of Webinars, the entire 2019 brought a total of 627,033 events! It means that March 2020 alone scored nearly 50% of the overall 2019 result!

Online communication – make it happen with us

The current situation is utterly challenging and requires quick and bold decisions. For millions of organizations all over the globe, it means switching to 100% online communication.

At this point, we want to thank you for your trust and friendly feedback we receive every day. We also declare that we are not going to stop upscaling our infrastructure and pursuing further development of our webinar platform.

We have one ultimate goal – to help you stay connected.

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