Business travel, conferences, closing important B2B deals. It’s not easy to catch all of your top-level managers in one place, at one time. Especially if your project got stuck. It can take ages to get a green light from the company management. What’s the best way to avoid work paralysis and to speed up the decision-making process? How can you make communication efficient and secure? Let’s take a closer look at online business meetings.


Traditional business meetings – money & time-wasting champions

More than 67% of executives think that office meetings are pointless. Many articles, surveys, and reports agree that most middle managers and higher-ups feel that traditional company meetings are a huge waste of time and money. They are unproductive and soul-sucking. According to The Ugly Truth Behind Meetings infographic delivered by Fuzo, there are 25 million meetings a day, which cost over 37 billion dollars a year! And that’s in the US alone! On the top of that organizing them is a challenge in itself. Why?


Business challenge – gather everyone in one place

The CEO is on his way to a huge event in your industry, the CMO is waiting at the airport between flights, and the Sales department is scattered all over the state.

Let’s face it; things get hectic in a busy professional environment. Company managers are on the move most of the time, and even if they aren’t – it’s challenging to fit another meeting into their tight schedules.

This situation doesn’t have to become a block! How do you arrange meetings with top management and not lose your mind?

With an online meetings featureyou can host and run a video conference with up to 25 attendees. That means you can gather all the shot callers from your company in one place, at one time. What do you need to do to make it possible and efficient?


I’m on the road, can I attend?

Don’t forget that some of the managers are away, and perhaps not able to use their laptops or are without Internet access. It means that your video conferencing tool must be hassle-free and easy to use. It needs to have a mobile app and a toll-free number to dial-in to the meeting if someone is disconnected from the Internet.


Catch those busy bees

Serious managers can’t work or even breathe without their calendars. There are several popular and user-friendly apps for scheduling, such as Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook. When your online meeting & video conferencing tool is integrated with those apps, you can organize an online event that suits everyone!


Unproductive? Doesn’t have to be!

Despite the negative opinion inherited from the old-school company meetings, the online business meetings don’t have to be boring and unproductive. Just like webinars, video conferencing rooms are packed with multimedia tools. During your meeting with your management team, you can upload a presentation and share documents, reports, and budget analytics. This means a meeting is no longer a dry and tedious conversation between a few talking heads, but a meaningful and agile project collaboration.


Data code red – Are online meetings safe?

Everyone is super-careful about data sharing, and data leaking. Sharing sensitive and confidential documents via a browser-based online meeting platform may cause doubts and anxiety. It’s all about the tool you choose and use. Does a video conferencing vendor have reliable security certificates? Is the company willing to ensure you as a client, that all the business reports, shared information, and business strategy documents are safe? If so, you don’t have to worry.


Online meetings – what can you use it for?

As soon as you decide to go online with business collaboration, and you get familiar with the web platform features, you can schedule and organize all sort of company meetings:

  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 summary meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Financial reports
  • Sales reports
  • Meetings with shareholders
  • Marketing status meetings
  • Project management meetings

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