Introducing a brand-new webinar room – now in OPEN BETA!

Today is the day! We’re very excited to launch an open beta version of our completely rebuilt webinar room! After months of hard work, followed by weeks of intense tests among selected users and implementation of suggested improvements, we’re now ready to give you full access to the new room and its features.


More focused webinars

So, what has changed? Well, pretty much everything!

First, the things you cannot see – the innards. Our programmers have spent thousands of hours rebuilding the software behind the webinar room from the ground up, making sure its technology is up to date and it operates even more smoothly. Second, is the design, based on the latest UX trends. So, there is the new Dashboard, giving you access to the key webinar features: whiteboard, screen sharing, YouTube, question mode and surveys, and the webinar modes. Then, there is the floating video pod – you can unpin it and pin it in your preferred location for a better focus. Then, there is the fully responsive room layout with redesigned UI of the chat and the attendee. And finally, there is the new My info section that gives you access to the event essentials and shared files. To keep it short: now all the key webinar features are in one place, so you can focus on your webinar, not the tool.


New features

On top of these improvements, we’ve also added new features that will benefit your future webinars even more:

  • Question Mode, which enables hosts and presenters to add selected chat messages to the question list to be answered later in the event. It gives your Q&A the right focus.
  • Recording Layouts, where users can choose from various room layouts for the webinar recordings, depending on what they want to focus on.
  • Call To Action pop-up, for redirecting your attendees from the webinar room directly to any external URL. A handy tool for making more instant sales!

If you want to give new ClickMeeting a try, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. And if you are already our user, log into your account here to try the new webinar room right away. If you’d like to share your thoughts on it, please leave your comment below.

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