Let’s face it, not all of us were born natural speakers or orators and feel comfortable delivering an online presentation. Therefore, the prospect of speaking in front of an audience for an hour or so can fill you with trepidation. One of the traps that many webinar presenters make is that they are so worried about their presentation that they sound like a robot. Of course, it’s important to deliver your presentation well, however, you risk losing your audience if the delivery sounds too robotic. Why is this so? Sounding like a robot when delivering your presentation will be as effective as an actual robot speaking. This doesn’t instill confidence in your audience, after all, would you buy a product from a machine that has been programmed to say something or make a sales pitch?

In this article, you will learn the 5 most important ways to deliver a killer webinar presentation and avoid sounding like a robot. These top tips for delivering webinars will help you improve your presentation skills, help you sound natural, and win the confidence of your audience.


5 Ways to Present Your Webinar Without Sounding like a Robot

To avoid your webinar sounding like it’s being delivered by a robot, it’s important to know your material well. You also need to make sure that you are familiar with the technical side of presenting webinars. This will allow you to focus fully on delivering a natural presentation. Here are the best ways to avoid sounding like a robot during your webinar.


1. Prepare

Preparation is the key to any successful, natural delivery because without preparation you will be too stuck to your notes. If you are stuck to your notes or very nervous, the end result will be a dry, robotic delivery.

First of all, you need to prepare your content well. This means incorporating enough information for it to be informative to your audience. However, knowing all the different aspects of your product or service gives you the confidence to speak naturally.


2. Practice

The next step to not sounding too robotic is to practice your presentation. Although this sounds like a contradiction in terms, rehearsing well will help you to speak more naturally. When you know the material, you don’t have to read a script, which creates the great risk of sounding like a robot. Make sure and run through your presentation a few times and each time, try to rely less and less on your notes.

In fact, don’t just practice in front of your computer and camera. Go over your presentation in the car, in the shower, or while exercising. In fact, it’s a good idea to practice in front of a mirror. That way, you can see yourself how other see you and it can help to avoid robotically repeating text from a script. However, don’t practice too much because you don’t want to end up reciting your presentation. Once you have practiced a few times and feel comfortable with your slides, content, and style of presenting, stop practicing.


3. Use notes, don’t speak verbatim

One of the worst traps to fall into that will make you speak like a robot is to write out your whole presentation word for word. Many webinar presenters do this because they are scared of forgetting something. However, the more you have written down, the more temptation you will face to just read the text and this makes a natural delivery very difficult.

The way to resolve this issue and not fall into the trap of reading everything is to use brief notes. Notes should help you remember your main points and keep the order of your content. If you have prepared your content well and practiced enough, you will not have to worry about forgetting some part of your presentation.


4. Modulate your voice

One of the distinguishing features of the ways most humans speak and how robots speak is the emotions in our voice. Voice modulation means varying your volume, pace, and pitch when you speak. By doing this, you can build into your presentation a wide range of emotions, making you sound more human and less robot.

The emotions you put into your delivery not only let your audience know how you feel about your product, but you can also stir emotions in them. Therefore, a spirited delivery can motivate your audience and encourage them to take action at the end of your webinar. However, avoid the trap of making your voice go up and down in a set pattern. You should sound natural by using pauses, varying how fast and slow you speak, and speak slightly louder on important points.


5. Use familiar words and terms

Another way to avoid coming across like a robotic presenter is to use terms and phrases familiar to your audience. This means that you should know your audience well and take into consideration how much they already know about your product.

For example, if most of your audience is not familiar with your product, avoid industry-specific terms that they may not know. If you must use a term that may be unfamiliar, make sure and explain it.

So, prepare your presentation well, keep it simple and human and you will avoid sounding like a robot in your next webinar. Good luck!

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