Cold calls – nobody likes them. Customers get annoyed when they have to answer another phone call from a person they don’t know. And to reject another offer they are not interested in. Usually, the time is not right for a conversation, either, so no wonder they hang up before you even finish your first sentence.

Salespeople are not fans of cold calling, either. It requires a great amount of effort to build a connection with a person you don’t know using only your voice. A person who doesn’t expect your call, is busy and not ready to buy anything from you. There is a million-to-one chance you will turn them into a lead.

So why not replace that old-fashioned method with a solution that will let you engage your prospects and stir their emotions from the very beginning? Instead of making another cold call learn how you can change your attitude to the sales process and your prospects’ attitude towards your offer with a tool that’s within your reach – webinars.


Let your prospects meet you LIVE

Often, it is hard to engage your interlocutor over the phone. You cannot see each other, so both you and them can develop a feeling that you are not actually talking to a real person. And it is much easier, for both you and them, to end the conversation as soon as possible.

With webinars, you give your audience an opportunity to meet you in real time and establish a strong relationship at the same time. Thanks to the fact attendees can see you on their screens, observe your facial expression and read your body language, they will get much more emotional about the message you are getting across than they would over the phone.


Offer value before you start selling

No one wants to be handed a contract to sign at their first meeting with a brand’s representative. Your prospects don’t want it, either. So, before you actually start selling your product or service, offer them something they can benefit from for free.

It is easy with webinars. Before your online event starts create a custom registration form to gather data about prospects and see where they came from. You can create educational webinars in which you cover a range of topics related to your offer. Tell your audience how your product solves the problems its users face, how others use it, discuss the best practices and mention the most interesting case studies.

Your prospects will appreciate that you are willing to share knowledge with them. As a result, it will be much easier for them to grow bonds with your brand and be ready to make a purchase in the future.


Amaze them with your performance

You can’t be very creative over the phone, can you? So hone your sales message with great features webinar platforms offer. Did you know that according to HubSpot, 80% of customers remember a video they’ve watched last month? A video message is easily digestible as it addresses our primary sense – sight. So, for many users, it’s easier to remember video than text-based content.

During webinars you host for your prospects, you can play any videos you wish thanks to the YouTube integration feature. You can also show slides, write and draw on the whiteboard and share your screen to show them e.g. how an application you talk about works. All this will make your presentation attractive and worth remembering.


Make them feel they receive something exclusive, not available for everyone

Everyone can get a phone call from a salesperson, right? But not everyone can attend an exclusive online event you need an individual invitation to join.

With webinars, you can let your prospects feel special. Send them a link to the webinar room where they will have an opportunity to meet you and talk to you in real time. Stay in touch after the webinar is over to send some extra valuable content and to encourage attendees to give you feedback on your performance. Don’t forget to pass the contact details to the salespeople and let them know which leads are hot and which still need to be nurtured.


Let them share their thoughts and clear their doubts

Webinars are a two-way communication tool. You can interact with your audience live and thanks to such features as the chat and the Q&A session they can ask you any questions related to the topic of your webinar.

Your prospects will definitely feel rewarded when they are given an opportunity to share their opinion on what you have just presented. Ask them whether you managed to clear all their doubts. Create a poll to learn whether they like your product and are ready to make a purchase. Encourage them to tell you what else they would like to know about your offer and show them their input is highly appreciated.



There is no doubt about that – the more emotional your sales message, the more contracts you will be able to close. So, instead of making another pushy cold call, adopt a completely different attitude towards communicating with your prospects. And set up your first webinar to engage them right from the start. Here’s how to do it.

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