Last week, we held a webinar with Robin Baker on Powerful Webinar Presentations, and it was a blast! Robin covered many important topics, but his main focus was on motivating your audience to act immediately. At the end of the presentation, we held a Q&A session, and the audience asked some great questions. We chose 6, and present them here with Robin’s answers:


1. How do I build a powerful and informative webinar that inspires attendees to take immediate action?

If you want attendees to take immediate action, you need to set a clear goal. Tell them what they should do and how to do it. It’s easy to overload your presentation with information, so instead of doing that, focus on clearly instructing the audience on what to do. If you use additional resources, such as links to click or documents to download and fill in, tell your attendees why they should click and how the documents should be filled out.


2. What is the best length for a webinar?

Usually, your live webinar will be around 30-40 minutes. But, don’t focus on the time of the presentation. Instead, focus on what you want your audience to know. Then decide how long you need in order to do that. We live in bite-sized times, so short is good!


3. How many goals should I have during a presentation?

It’s best to focus on one goal during your presentation. If you have multiple goals, then for each goal you’ll have to tell your audience what to do, how to do it, why it is important, what they will get when they do it, and what will they lose if they don’t. That’s overwhelming! If you have multiple goals, you should create a series of smaller presentations, rather than try to cram multiple goals into one long presentation.


4. How do I create an engaging experience with the boring information that needs to be included in my presentation?

The main reason people are engaged in a presentation is the “why.” They need to know why it is important to them, why they should listen and why they need to pay attention to the information. Remember to avoid information overload. Focus on smaller chunks: explain why and then instruct how. The engagement will increase immediately!


5. How can I eliminate the dreaded “um” during my presentation?

It’s quite difficult, because everybody gets nervous when they present, and “um” can be a natural reaction to the stress. However, do practice out loud so that you’ll get used to the material. You’ll become more fluent and the more fluent you are, the less “um” you will have. Also, remember to slow down; give yourself some time to think, so that your mouth won’t get ahead of your brain.


6. What’s more important – content or graphics?

Content. It has all the power to inspire your audience. Does your audience come to your presentation to see the visuals or because they want to hear about what you offer? What would happen if your laptop stopped working and your slides disappeared? Would you cancel the presentation? Of course not! Content is king. The slides are there only to remind your audience what you have said and what the goal is. The graphics simply complement your presentation.

Hopefully, you found this Q&A useful!

Want to watch the whole webinar? Click below!

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