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Persuading Industry Leaders to Present in Your Webinar

The secret to hosting and presenting a killer webinar is to have high-quality content that impresses your audience. However, having high-quality content doesn’t always help you promote your webinar and attract a large audience. One way to generate a lot of social media buzz around your online event is to have an industry leader guest present your webinar.

Sometimes, it’s easier said than done inviting a well-respected guest speaker to your webinar. In fact, many webinar hosts automatically assume that webinar guest presenters cost a lot of money and so they automatically dismiss the idea.

There are many reasons to try to persuade an industry leader to co-host your webinar. In fact, you might just be surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to invite a well-known guest speaker. Here are some of the best reasons to have a guest presenter.


The Best Reasons to Persuade Industry Leaders to Co-Host your Webinar

First and foremost, having an industry leader adds a lot of weight and authority to your content. When a respected industry expert endorses your product and speaks enthusiastically about it, it has a tremendous impact on your audience. This will ultimately boost sales and probably offset the cost of hiring your guest speaker.


Here are some other reasons to pull out all the stops to hire an industry-respected guest speaker:

  • Widens you audience base. You will not just attract your customers to your webinar, but you will also attract your guest speaker’s followers. The more popular the guest speaker, then the more attendee you will attract.
  • Enriches your content. Having a new perspective from your expert will enrich the content of the webinar. Their experience is something that you and your audience can learn from.
  • Establishes your authority. The fact that an industry leader is speaking along with you has a positive impact on the minds of your audience.


Tips on How to Persuade Industry Leaders to Join Your Webinar

Now you know the reasons to persuade an industry leader co-present your webinar, but how can you do this?


Research your subject well

First of all, you need to research your subject well to target the best type of industry leader for your webinar. Industry leaders are more likely to agree to co-host your webinar if it is suited to their niche and level of expertise.


Present high-quality webinars

If your potential co-presenter sees that he or she will be taking part in a webinar that features high-quality content, they will be more likely to agree to take part. After all, they have their own reputation to think about and want to make sure that it will be enhanced by attending your webinar.


Research your potential guest speakers

It’s also important to carry out extensive research on your potential guest speakers. Therefore, you should get to know their style of speaking, the subjects they are interested in, and their products. You can also read their Twitter feeds, Facebook news feed, website, and blog posts. This will help you reach out to them, and they will be flattered that you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with them.


Offer to feature them in your blog

Even the most important industry leaders are interested in getting more positive online exposure. To persuade them to guest present your webinar, you could offer to blog about them. This can increase interest in their products and is a form of free advertising for them.


Let them talk about one of their products

Depending on the type of product that you are promoting, you could offer your guest speaker the opportunity to feature one of his or her own products on your webinar. Although this may sound like you lose some sales to your speaker, or that your sales pitch is diluted, in the end, you will gain more customers from having the industry leader speak at your event.


Offer to guest on their webinar

You could also offer to reciprocate the invitation by offering to guest speak on one of their future webinars. Many industry leaders will use this chance because they know that you will bring some of your customers with you and in the end, they get more online exposure.


Offer to affiliate sell their products

There are many industry leaders who are in a similar niche to you, but who are not your direct competitors. You could offer to promote some of their products on your website as an affiliate seller. They may even offer to promote some of your products through affiliate marketing.


Send a clear request

Now that you have ideas in mind, you should reach out to your list of potential guest speakers for your webinar. In your message, you should state the following:

  • Why you think they are the perfect candidate to guest present your next webinar.
  • What the main topic of your webinar is.
  • What their role in the webinar will be and how much time you can allot for them to speak.
  • Your website address.
  • What your target audience for the webinar is.
  • A polite offer to discuss the terms further.
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