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What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar which is presented over the internet. The word was coined by joining seminar together with web. It can include any type of internet based meeting, from conferences with thousands of attendees to a small workshop where a few people can receive individual instruction. Webinars differ from webcasts in that they allow for interaction with those attending and are usually in a ‘live’ setting.


How Do Webinars Work?

In order to host a webinar specific software or registration at a webinar hosting site is necessary. There are many options to do this. It is becoming popular to use web-based, subscription, webinar services. Most webinar hosting websites will offer a free trial and then a monthly or annual subscription. Prices can range from a few dollars per month to around $100.

Webinars can be set up in different ways depending on how the host wants to organize it. Some can be by registration only, others can be a publically accessible URL, whereby anyone can join.


Webinar services usually offer the following services:

    •  Possibility for multiple presenters to speak from different locations.
    •  Options to restrict or allow downloading.
    •  Slide sharing.
    •  Handouts.
    •  Presentations of audience polls and questionnaires.


In order for webinars to be successful, they need to be well planned and practiced beforehand. Just the same if a person was going to stand on stage in front of a live audience.


Why Use Webinars

Webinars are a great way to reinforce your brand and bring in more sales. They allow staff, customers and potential clients to be brought together without having to travel any distances.

Another reason why webinars should be used is that they are an excellent way to showcase new products. Maybe a company has produced a great gadget or piece of software – an online seminar will show what it does and how to use it. Or maybe a person wants to share his knowledge and educate others. Webinars allow for someone to train others and also for those watching to ask questions or discuss problems that they have incurred.

Webinars will attract new customers. If a person has gone to the bother to register and sometimes even pay to attend the webinar, then there is already interest in the subject. This will mean that attendees are more likely to buy-in to the product, service or item that is being discussed.

There is a great saving with time and distance. Many people now don’t have the luxury to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend seminars. So time and distance issue is never an issue with webinars. Even if there is a time difference, then most webinars are recorded and they can be played back when needed.

However, webinars shouldn’t just be viewed as a marketing technique or gimmick. They are great ways to train employees on new services that your company is providing or how to use new software. This also creates a better relationship between employers and employees.


What presentations work well in webinars?

Most people who are interested in attending webinars are looking to achieve some personal improvement or to find ways for their business to grow. Therefore, usually the most popular subjects are related to business management, financial management, and customer relationship issues.
For example, take the subject of Promotion and Sales. Any company will be interested in improving their sales. Maybe the company is trying to enter a new market, or are not seeing any growth in sales. A webinar on this topic will allow successful people to share their knowledge as to what worked and what didn’t.

The subject of Personal Improvement as it relates to business is another great topic. It is a recognized fact that the best investment people can make is to themselves. However, what are the areas a person should focus on? How will these be effective? What results can a person expect? These can all be answered in a webinar.

Another ideal topic for a webinar is online traffic generation. Many new brands and sole entrepreneurs are looking to expand their online reach by attracting more quality traffic to their websites and landing pages. Creating a webinar that presents options for getting traffic is a great way to establish yourself and your brand as an expert in this highly in demand subtopic in the Internet marketing niche.


Other Great Topics Marketing Webinars

All of these are general subjects, under which there is a wide variety of choices in useful subtopics that can be tailored to suit your target audience no matter your market.

  •  Affiliate marketing techniques
  •  Customer and client relationships
  •  Business management
  •  Search Engine Optimisation
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Dealing with difficult clients
  •  Pay per click marketing
  •  eCommerce Tips
  •  Building a brand online
  •  Brand recognition and influence tips
  •  Content marketing
  •  Blogging
  •  Using webinars to market your business
  •  Finding a target audience
  •  Email marketing

Posted by Jarek Wasielewski

Jarek is the Content Manager at ClickMeeting. He is responsible for providing educational contents for current and prospective users.