Good manners are not only important in face-to-face meetings. It is also the basis of online events. They are a sign of professionalism and ensure effective and pleasant cooperation. Despite the popularity of webinars, video conferences, and other virtual events, we still have a hard time recognizing how to behave and react in certain situations. Our guide “Online meeting etiquette: practical advice for a better experience” will be a great support in this respect.

Online meeting etiquette is important!

Savoir-vivre has not lost its relevance in the Internet era. On the contrary: knowing the rules of behaviour in various situations is extremely important and helps to build a professional image. However, a certain problem is the lack of clearly defined rules of behavior during online meetings.

How important are they? It is proven, for example, by the results of a survey we conducted in June 2021. In the poll, we asked participants to share their thoughts and opinions on how to behave during online meetings. More than a half of them said that it would be helpful to have clear etiquette rules that would apply during these meetings.

That’s why we decided to prepare our guide. You will find there expert advice, specific situations and answers to the most frequently asked questions on how to behave in virtual meetings.


What will you learn with the e-book?

From the free e-book you will learn, among other things:

– How to prepare for a meeting,

– How to greet and say goodbye in a cultured way,

– How your surroundings should look like,

– How to deal with crisis situations,

– Whether turning on the camera is mandatory,

– How to adapt your dress code to the specific situation,

– Whether an incomplete outfit is a good idea,

– Whether eating and drinking during online meetings is cultural,

– How to speak up during the event,

– How to improve collaboration during online meetings.

Reach out for proven knowledge and address your concerns about behavior during online meetings. We would also appreciate your insights. Together, we can make the world of virtual events even more beneficial for everyone!

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