Inspired by the insights of our customers, we have created a webinar business journey. To give you a better picture of a step-by-step way to boost leads & sales with webinars, we have come up with a story. Imagine a company from the Edtech sector. Let’s call it – Open Your AIs – a startup selling online courses for AI software. What did they do to generate leads and increase sales? Let’s find out!

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning – these tech buzzwords are all over the place. Our model company, Open Your AIs, decided to take advantage of that hype, and launched their business with online courses and training sessions for software produced by high-quality AI vendors. Their aim was to work on two business models: B2C with regular online courses, and B2B with customized course packages.


Webinars – a weapon of choice

These guys are martech natives, so they know that in terms of business technology for building and nurturing leads, webinars are the best choice. They have put a lot of thought into creating a marketing strategy, and they have chosen a webinar platform with a complete set of features crucial to achieving their goals.


Step 1: Make a first impression & go after leads

As soon as they opened a webinar account, they started to work on an eye-catching webinar profile page. First impressions matter, so they customized it to meet their brand identity. They uploaded their logo and changed the overall look of the page with their colors.

They wanted it to work as a landing page for their upcoming ad campaigns and gathering leads. They made a smart move here, at the very beginning – they reinforced the profile page with remarketing tools. How? By integrating it with Google Tag Manageand Facebook Pixel. This way, they could track their leads, and reach them with their webinars.


Step 2: Gather feedback & score leads

The first webinar was a test for their commercial offer, and how their audience would react to their courses. They prepared a few samples of the online courses they wanted to sell, and they included them in the presentation for the event.

To make the most of this first event, they did some work in the webinar room. First, they created a top-notch Call-To-Action to attract and score their leads during the event.

Second, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have a live interaction with their audience, so they enabled the Q&A Mode. The Q&A session not only played a huge role in building relationships with attendees but gave presenters a unique chance to observe live reactions to their course samples.

Third, our startup team crafted a survey to conduct after the event. As a result, they were able to gather valuable feedback about their webinar, the courses, and general intel about their leads. They kept the materials for future reference.


Step 3: Expand reach with Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming

They were just about to start their webinar. But they wanted to reach as wide an audience as possible. So, before that final click, they decided to go to Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming. By combining the webinar software with the power of these social media giants, they boosted their webinar content visibility and engaged their social network like crazy!


Step 4: Gathering leads with On-demand webinars

Ok, their webinar was quite a class, and it attracted more leads thanks to the live streaming on social media. Now, we need to do a little time-travel to reveal a trick they did just before launching the event – they enabled the recording of the webinar. So, after the event, they had a brilliant recording material they could reuse as an On-demand webinar.

How does it work? They sent the access pass to this recorded material via e-mail. The attendees who received the e-mail can watch the event whenever and wherever they want.

But that wasn’t enough for our friends here! They recorded a few more webinars, each of which was a free trial of a different course. They sent them by e-mail to those leads who haven’t registered for the event. But the real deal was – to get the access pass to an event, each lead had to leave her/his e-mail address and send it back to the webinar host!

That e-mail marketing campaign, backed-up by sharing on social media, powered up the lead base of Open Your AIs startup in a flash!


Step 5: Convert leads into contacts

At the end of the day, the startup members were happy to see the impressive lead base they had gathered in their webinar account panel. Based on the results of the On-demand webinar campaign, they highlighted the two most promising segments.

To make the most of it, they needed to export it to a CRM platform. They already had an account in Pipedrive, so the only thing left to do was to integrate their webinar account with the CRM and export the entire lead base.

Now, they were ready to adopt the feedback from the post-webinar survey, relationships initiated during Q&A session, and start converting their leads into qualified contacts. Based on the feedback, they created a contact directory with two main segments: B2B and B2C. They knew precisely what kind of webinar content to produce next and how to target it. They kept nurturing their contacts and preparing them for the final stage – converting them into clients.


Step 6: Deal closing & Paid Webinars

Finally, Open Your AIs was all set to strike on their two groups of potential clients.


Closing sales deals

They arranged online meetings and product demo webinars with their B2B contacts to heat up the sales process. In the end, the shot callers in those companies made their final decisions about signing contracts with Open Your AIs and buying customized packages of software training for their employees.


Monetizing knowledge with Paid Webinars

For their individual clients, they launched a series of paid online courses. To do that, they employed the Paid Webinars feature combined with On-demand webinars. How? They scheduled paid events, recorded them, and sent them to their clients. As a result, clients were able to take those courses anytime they wanted to, and most importantly – they were paying to get them!


You can do it too!

The above story is just an example of how to accelerate your sales and marketing strategy with a set of our new webinar features. Don’t hesitate to apply this blueprint to your business!



Or choose your best professional plan today!

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