Videoconferencing is one of the most adaptive technologies for businesses – it can provide a better means of communication in many areas of daily office life. Businesses that get the most out of videoconferencing, including many Fortune 500 companies, are going beyond using it for basic team meetings to leverage the technology for optimal performance. They don’t implement videoconferencing just once in awhile, but truly integrate it into their processes.

Whether you’re new to videoconferencing, use it occasionally, or consider yourself a virtual meeting guru, this list has something for you. We’ve cultivated five of the most popular creative uses for videoconferencing that consistently deliver value and convenience to the workplace. Read on to find out how to get the most from your video conferencing software in ways you may not have imagined!


Touch Base with Direct Reports

Busy schedules can often get in the way of regular check-ins with direct reports. If you’re a supervisor or manager, you might have several weeks (or months!) go by without have a one-on-one meeting with one or more direct reports. This lapsed time can make it difficult to keep track of what each team member is working on and the progress they’ve made. Videoconferencing makes a short 15-20 minute meeting painless and possible to schedule on a moment’s notice. No matter where your direct reports are – across the globe or across the hall – you can easily stay in the loop.


Conduct Video Interviews

The best candidates for a job can come from anywhere. It’s often best to reach far and wide to advertise open positions and get the strongest pool of possible hires. If they’re not local, bringing them in for a first interview in-person isn’t practical. Yet phone interviews leave much to be desired – it’s difficult to gauge more elusive traits like professionalism and sincerity over the phone. By conducting initial interviews through a videoconference, you can literally get the full picture before bringing candidates in for an in-person interview.


Run Ideas By Your Team

Regular team meetings have their time and place, but it’s not necessary to pull the whole team together for a full hour for every discussion. When team members need to get together briefly to review presentations, reports, design concepts, or any other content crucial to a project, meeting virtually through videoconference is the perfect solution. Screen-sharing and file-sharing capabilities make it possible for groups large and small to make decisions and changes to deliverables and internal documents from their own offices.


Improve Access to the IT Help Desk

This one has the potential to change your work life completely. Calling IT and requesting technical help often requires some wait time in the queue as well as travel time for IT staff to come over to the site of the problem. With videoconferencing, it’s possible to configure a video IT desk that makes support staff available when needed. Employees simply call in via videoconference from their location and the IT department can start solving the problem right away. When IT issues can be diagnosed and resolved virtually, the workday can go back to normal in a more timely manner.


Close Business Deals with Ease

For many businesses, clients are scattered all over the world. It’s not always convenient and sometimes not possible to meet in-person to close a deal, so often everything gets settled in a phone call – at least verbally. Even if a client is nearby, closing deals over the phone is often a go-to option. However, anyone involved in sales know that meeting face-to-face results faster closings and better deals all around. It’s hard to negotiate properly when you can’t look your client in the eye. The personal and practical aspects of videoconferencing makes demonstrations and discussions for sales purposes much more impactful and likely to result in a desired outcome. Documents related to the deal can be shared without delay. Best of all, the stress and hassle of traveling to meet each other falls away, and all parties involved can focus on the event at hand.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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