Using Webinars to Attract Cryptocurrency Investors

New technology can be intimidating for your investors. What is cryptocurrency? Blockchain? What’s the difference? How do they work?


Although this financial system has been around since 2009, it is still difficult for the layman to understand and even harder for him to get into. But, you’re an expert and have survived cryptocurrency’s latest market changes. You understand the future of this financial market and have skill teaching others how to invest. This sets you up as an expert in your field and increases the value of your brand.

If these new investment vehicles are your specialty, you can use webinars to help other potential investors understand what cryptocurrency is, how blockchain works and how and where to invest. You can even use webinars to help others invest in cryptocurrency — and make money doing it.


Running Webinars to Educate Your Audience

Explaining something as abstract as cryptocurrency requires concrete tools.

Because cryptocurrency is relatively new, many people are still confused about what it is and how it works. Even seasoned investors are a little wary of getting involved with it.

After the dot-com bust of the ‘90s and the recent market changes with Bitcoin, many people are sceptical that this can make them money. They don’t have time for mathematical formulas and brainy text. They need a real person to explain what this is and how it can make them money.

Webinars have many tools to help you make information accessible to the average person. When you use the multi-media tools that webinars provide, your audience members don’t have to be financial experts to understand cryptocurrency.

And people learn better when they can both see and hear what you are saying: Audio and video make complex topics simple; the Presentation feature provides your audience with a visual of the information you are going to share; the Whiteboard lets you draw diagrams, show calculations and provide a visual representation of how blockchain works.


Getting Prompt Feedback from Potential Clients

Once you’ve explained blockchain, maybe your investors understand it — great!

But maybe they don’t. Your audience may need more information on how mining works or what different currencies exist.

If you were sitting at their kitchen table, you’d be able to check their understanding with questions. They’d be able to ask their own questions. You’d be able to say it again in a slightly different way. You could sketch it on a napkin.

Although you can’t physically be in everyone’s kitchen, with webinars, you can be wherever they are and still allow them to ask questions.


Clarifying Tough Ideas

Once you’re finished your presentation, you can then follow up right on the spot to see what your audience understood, clarify difficult topics, and get feedback for other potential webinar topics.

Run a Q&A session to allow your audience to ask questions that you can answer right then and there.

Use moderated chat so your audience can ask questions as they come up. They ask their question, and you publish it when you’re ready so the whole group can benefit from the answer.

Use polls and surveys during the webinar as a “knowledge check” to see what people understood from what you presented. You can also use polls and surveys at the end to see what topics your audience might still have questions about.


Expanding Your Reach

Your investors spend a lot of time on the web: Facebook, YouTube, Quora, and private forums trying to get answers to tough questions.

But here’s the problems — they get conflicting information. “Bitcoin is the financial future, it’s a scam, it’s going to make people lots of money, people are going to go broke investing in this.”

Now you can position yourself as a market leader by bringing people together to get straight answers to tough questions.

So send personalized invitations or share information via social media to reach an even wider audience.

And instead of just recording your webinar, use Facebook or YouTube Live streaming for your webinar to attract even more people.


Profiting From Your Knowledge

Not only can you reach a wider audience and get more clients with your webinar, but you can also make money from the webinar itself. People want your expertise, and they are willing to pay for it. You can bring them in with Paid webinars.

You can also record the webinar and provide it on demand for your potential clients. This will give them the opportunity to view it again and again (if needed) to ensure they understand how this investment works.


Tapping Your Valuable Network

You already have a network of investment savvy contacts. Now it’s time to engage them with webinars.

ClickMeeting provides lots of features to help you plan and execute webinars. Check out how webinars can help you bring clarity to a complex topic and reach new audiences with your investment expertise and strategies.

So you can make money sharing your knowledge!

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