Jellyfish Uses ClickMeeting to Introduce Their Clients to the New Google Marketing Platform 

The Client:


Their reason for using the ClickMeeting webinar platform:

Sharing insights on the new Google Marketing Platform with the industry.


The benefit:

  • Help the clients and community navigate the new technology and answer burning questions
  • Reach high registrant-to-attendee conversion rate: over 50%


Creating perfect digital journeys

Jellyfish is the world’s biggest boutique agency with offices across the US, EMEA and APAC. Their team of digital experts is helping to deliver integrated digital strategies for clients from many different industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, finance and automotive. Jellyfish is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, supporting the full breadth of its marketing solutions including Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Search Ads 360, Studio, Analytics 360, and more.

In the digital marketing industry, business is fast-paced and ever-changing. As Jellyfish is offering the very best in innovative marketing solutions, they have to be ready for all the changes and need to be able to share them quickly. Here’s where webinars come in. When it comes to news and knowledge sharing, webinars have no competition. One of their most important advantages is that they enable one to reach a large audience cost-effectively, with a single event.


Facing the challenge

Summer 2018 started with an impactful shift in the digital marketing world. Google made a large announcement that their DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner brand will now be known as the Google Marketing Platform. As a certified partner, Jellyfish knew the industry would have questions and decided to offer support through this transition.

Christina Fontana, Marketing Director at Jellyfish, says:

We wanted to be able to provide all the answers and lead the conversation around what to expect. Together with another certified partner, Napkyn Analytics, we decided to share our insights on the new platform with the industry.


Choosing the right webinar solution

Webinars have already taken the digital marketing world by storm, allowing one to present new ideas and services to a large audience all over the globe. In terms of educating and informing, a webinar is a great alternative to in-person events, which usually require more time and financial resources.

Having already been a ClickMeeting client, Jellyfish had no doubts about what tool to choose. ClickMeeting allows for webinars from any connection in the world and supports audiences for up to 5,000 people. It helps boost webinar attendance with customized invitations and spread the word about the upcoming event thanks to social media sharing feature.

We sent an invitation to all clients, prospects, and partners. In addition, we promoted our webinar across all social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – says Christina Fontana. – Our target audience was anyone in the industry needing to turn to an expert to understand what this platform change means to them.


Having the best tools at hand

ClickMeeting platform boasts an impressive selection of features that one can use before, during and after a webinar. The hands-on, visual, and live features prove to be especially valuable when providing thought leadership and information with a large group of people.

One of the ClickMeeting’s features that Jellyfish appreciates the most is recording. Being able to capture the audio and visual and post it afterwards on the company’s website or YouTube channel is the key to every webinar’s success.

Christina Fontana says:

Even after the webinar is complete, its content that can live on and be repurposed for more. Those attendees who could not make the live run, can still access the information and obtain all the knowledge shared by listening and watching on their own time.

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Reaching the goal

Jellyfish and Napkyn Analytics hosted a successful webinar and UI demo during which they talked about technical features and integration capabilities of the new marketing platform. They reached an over 50% conversion rate from registrants to attendees; that’s a very strong result. It shows that the event was effectively promoted and run in an interactive and engaging way. The intuitive and easy to use ClickMeeting webinar platform helped them make it happen.

Christina Fontana confirms that Jellyfish implemented webinars into their business strategy for good.

Our goal is to aim for at least 1 webinar per quarter, as there is always pertinent and valuable content and news to share – she says.

She recommends other businesses to try ClickMeeting and create truly professional webinars that help in knowledge sharing and promoting one’s own company as an industry expert.

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