Holidays, Friends, ClickMeeting

  Summer vacations are over, but the new friendships you made don’t have to be. Why not meet with all your friends from around the world whenever you want for a face-to-face chat and a few laughs?

/ September 7, 2012

Learning Technology Does Not Depend on Age

Recently I had a great opportunity to interview Briana Taylor who conducts webinars for Seniors Centers with Copilot TouchScreen Systems. Briana told me about her techniques to keep her audience engaged as well as her plans for development in webinar...

/ July 6, 2012

Videoconferencing to Be Used in Prison Reform

I was astonished to learn about prison reforms that are to be introduced in Pakistan and wanted to share the story with you today. Provincial minister for law and prisoners Ayaz Soomro announced an interesting solution that involves online meeting...

/ July 4, 2012

Tip of the Day: How Much Should You Share?

Finally it’s Friday. Those who are lucky enough to enjoy summer proper can’t wait to leave the office. On the most popular day of the week, the majority of employees want to keep it short and simple on all fronts....

/ June 29, 2012

Lamaze, AA, Makeup: What Do They Have In Common?

You’re probably wondering why I listed these random activities, not associated with each other whatsoever. As you’re about to discover, they all have one thing in common …

/ June 27, 2012

E-learning Trends: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Ever-changing technology is contributing heavily to fast growth in the areas of e-learning and training. With a variety of new choices and emerging developments, e-learning is moving forward quickly, opening up new possibilities for organizations. Whether you’re implementing new tools...

/ June 20, 2012

Top 5 Video Conferencing Mistakes to Avoid

In the last few posts, our aim was to provide the best possible tips on conducting your online meetings and webinars successfully. To sum-up the process involved in achieving your goals during the presentation, we would like to advise you...

/ June 15, 2012

Webinars: Powerful Online Sales Tool

  Some time ago, I wrote about webinars used for marketing purposes. Today I will give you a few tips on how easy it is to increase your sales results with our tool.

/ June 12, 2012

How to Spice up Your Marketing Using Webinars

ClickMeeting/ClickWebinar is a diverse tool that gives professionals an affordable way to create marketing webinars. Webinars that provide free information of interest to your market segment  are the most effective way  to create a solid bond of trust between you...

/ June 1, 2012

Online Meetings vs. Travel – National Earth Day Infographic

  Inspired by this year’s National Earth Day, we decided to prepare a comparison between online meetings and business trips.

/ April 20, 2012