Experts across diverse industries enjoy webinars and online events. They work well in education, marketing, and sales, helping to promote collaboration and facilitate information sharing regardless of the participants’ location.

Why are professionals from different fields so eager to use webinars? We asked ClickMeeting partners and customers about this. Below you will find the answers they gave us. In addition, we also collected comments left on review sites. So find your inspiration and join their ranks!

Marketing experts choose webinars

Webinars are a tool increasingly used by marketing and PR specialists. No surprise: webinar marketing is an excellent way to acquire leads, build relationships with your audience and shape your expert image. It also helps achieve several goals at the same time.

How do marketing experts use ClickMeeting?



Organizing the conference was our response to the need to develop and learn how to manage better – change, team, efficiency, time, emotions, relationships, and ourselves – in the era of hybrid work, which globally is becoming the most popular model of collaboration.


Our virtual conference had a hybrid format – attendees could join at any time to watch speeches prepared on our platform at their own pace, as well as recorded discussion panels that went live on the Clickmeeting platform, which were then recorded and embedded on our e-learning platform.


The discussion panels were the most important element of the conference for us from the very beginning because we know how valuable it is to share knowledge – but with practical examples, answering (not easy) questions, comparing answers of panelists from different companies, and listening to them live, which allowed asking the panelists additional questions.




On the one hand, conducting webinars is a result of the current circumstances. On the other hand, we saw the need to run our online events. The pandemic pushed us to finally start running webinars, training, and other formats available through ClickMeeting.


With COVID-19, the possibilities for marketing (e.g., conference and trade fairs) and sales (especially personal sales) were disrupted. ClickMeeting did not only help with that challenge, but our reach is now higher, and our efficiency is better than before.

How can you use webinars in education?

Webinars come directly from the education field. They are still the most widely used by teachers, trainers, and coaches, allowing the implementation of various activities – from standard lessons and consultations to lectures and huge international scientific conferences. With the right tools, they can be fully interactive.

The ClickMeeting clients representing the education sector are very diverse. On the one hand, they are employees of large universities. On the other, owners of small training companies or language schools. However, many educators also deal with very specialized fields, such as… goalkeeper training.

AGH UST Centre of e-Learning 

A few years ago, we began to implement tools for synchronous communication. One of the solutions we implemented for this purpose is the ClickMeeting platform. We have been using it since 2016.


The idea was born several years ago and is based on the idea of going beyond the local or regional framework.




The first need of membership-based organizations during the pandemic was to connect with their members and offer them support in times of uncertainty. ClickMeeting has helped us bring the Community of Association professionals together quickly and securely.


Goalkeeping Development 


We had planned a large presence workshop about Goalkeeping in Germany at the beginning of 2020. Then Corona came, and we couldn’t hold the event. So, as a result, we carried out the event online and, in this way, we’re able to offer the possibility to Goalkeeper Coaches worldwide.

Gdańsk Tech 

We tested numerous solutions for webinars. Unfortunately, many of them did not meet our expectations in terms of both technical and functional issues – they were not user-friendly enough. Our final choice fell on the ClickMeeting platform, which we have used since 2018.



The idea to run webinars stems directly from the need of people in our target group. Webinars have become an indispensable element in the area of employee education, enabling us to put the idea of life-long learning into practice.



The idea grew out of the necessity for change. Everybody knew that normalcy was not to be expected for quite some time, so webinars seemed like the perfect way to continue our work – even during a global pandemic. The assumption has turned out to be very true.



We decided to go with webinars due to the covid situation + our need to have attendees from all around Belgium and host some international events.


Supporting the NGOs

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine the NGO sector without various online events, especially webinars. They allow them to reach out to the public effectively, promote their activities and, what is extremely important, build awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

ClickMeeting is proud to support organizations that are leaders in an incredibly important segment of NGOs. What prompted them to organize webinars, and how do they use them in their daily work?



The idea emerged as a result of observing educational trends in the world, but mainly as a response to the need to increase efficiency and scale. During remote education, it enabled us to provide support to teachers in introducing global education topics in schools. The idea of open webinars for all interested parties came from the fact that many topics in our educational area (such as racism, migration or the climate crisis) have become widely discussed social issues, and thus there was a need to show perspectives that are not present in the Polish public debate.


Fundacja Hospicyjna

During the pandemic, when it was impossible to leave the house, we came up with the idea that the knowledge we had previously shared face-to-face should now be shared online. This form has remained until now.


Career Map


We are keen that as many schools as possible use the Pi-station and Career Map, so that they help many young people learn and develop their potential. Webinars allow us to reach a wide audience and expand the community around the projects. Our team likes challenges, and we are eager to test new ways of communicating with users, so when we held our first webinar two years ago, we knew it would not be a one-time adventure. Of course, the number of online meetings we held was affected by the spring lockdown. As a result, we canceled all stationary activities – conferences and training across Poland. At the same time, we wanted to stay in close contact with our community. Since April, with the help of ClickMeeting, we have held ten free meetings with more than 7,000 participants. And we already have more planned, and webinars have become a permanent part of our calendar.


Pracodawcy Pomorza


The need for online meetings and webinars appeared in the organizational space of Employers of Pomerania even before COVID-19; however, it was not a form accepted by most of the potential interested in these meetings. The COVID-19 pandemic definitely changed the attitude of entrepreneurs toward online contacts. In our case, the need for webinars became extremely important because entrepreneurs expected us, as an organization supporting entrepreneurs, to know about the dynamically changing situation in connection with the developing mechanisms of limiting business activity in many branches of the economy. Our webinars allowed many entrepreneurs to correctly use the instruments offered under the various anti-crisis shields. We are also observing a change in the expected communication forms in other business activity fields. More entrepreneurs are also trying to establish relationships with their potential customers through online meetings and are promoting their services and products through webinars.



Thanks to Clickmeeting, our foundation can provide webinars, online training, and workshops to NGOs across the country. In the current situation and problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the use of the ClickMeeting platform enables us to conduct professional activities for the third sector with a high standard, convenience, and security. In addition, holding training online allows us to reach a wider audience, as anyone interested can attend a meeting regardless of where they are, which would not be possible by carrying out these activities onsite.


What’s new on review portals?

The opinions of our customers can also be found on popular software comparison portals. What led them to start the webinar adventure?

G2 Crowd:

It gives us a chance to organize internal meetings with people who work remotely and live in cities other than Warsaw. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to organize webinars and share knowledge among many target groups, such as educators, teachers, and special groups looking for missing people.

 Thanks to ClickMeeting, we can reach much more schools and teachers during our educational activities.

 Thanks to ClickMeeting, our organization could remain active during the pandemic. New opportunities such as online webinars or Facebook live streamings expanded our communication channels worldwide.


It saves me time! I don’t have to attend every webinar live. It helps me build my mailing list because people have to register for the webinar to access it. It also makes sure that as many people as possible show up for the webinar 🙂 I set reminders the day before and an hour early and there is no fear that no one will be there 🙂




ClickMeeting helped us to reach a large group of participants. We estimated up to 10,000 users to join the webcast. It was hard to find the right tool on the market. And then, we discovered ClickMeeting! We were able to customize many detailed functionalities to adjust the webcast to our needs and expectations.


We used Clickmeeting to host webinars. Then when we decided to run an online school, we chose Clickmeeting for online lessons. We just purchased add-ons for parallel sessions so teachers could use them simultaneously.




For months I have been looking for a solution that I could use for my e-learning schools. ClickMeeting works great! I wanted to build professional contact at every point of contact with the customer, and it has succeeded. ClickMeeting sends automated meeting invitations that look very professional. Also, I was able to refine the waiting room, which now looks good!


The organization will use the program in the coming years, a program worth recommending, with a straightforward and clear interface.


It’s easy to use, our meeting participants had no problems logging in, and our presenters also got used to the platform smoothly. 


The ClickMeeting platform significantly influenced the activity and strengthening of the image of the ITAKA Foundation as an organization that comprehensively deals with the issue of disappearances. The number of webinars we organize has increased. We can manage them faster, more efficiently, and at the same time, we can reach more recipients. Thanks to the online formula, it also saves a lot of costs. The same is also true for internal meetings.


Overall, we are delighted with the cooperation with ClickMeeting. A significant advantage is a communication with the customer service department, which gives us a lot of peace because it helps quickly and effectively. Furthermore, thanks to the ease of use of the panel, it can be used by even beginners in online training while taking advantage of great technical possibilities.


Communication was a breeze. Great quality of picture and sound, stable connection throughout the meeting. 




I highly recommend the ClickMeeting platform to organize any online meetings and online training. Thanks to the huge amount of functionality, you can quickly create a professional-looking online meeting. The simple operation of this tool is also a big advantage.


This year we discovered a new videoconferencing system, ClickMeeting, and have had an excellent experience using it! We provide consulting services, and from the beginning, we wanted to build a professional impression with our clients. Meetings, webinars, and training sessions are our daily business. What immediately impressed me when I tested the program was the personalization of the appearance of the event registration page and all the automation involved in sending reminders, the ability to continue communication with users after a webinar, and even selling webinars. It’s a huge time and money saver; you don’t have to have multiple tools to sell courses and monetize your knowledge. ClickMeeting is worth paying attention to and testing out!


Thanks to Clickmeeting, we can organize meetings for people who are very distant from us. We train teachers who do not always have time and the opportunity to come for training. Thanks to Clickmeeting, they can grow. We also save time and money. ClickMeeting has a very easy-to-use panel. It is simple for the organizer, presenter, and participants. It allows you to plan training well in advance. Perfect communication with Clickmeeting employees is one of the most important matters in our cooperation. They answer our questions very quickly and effectively help in finding solutions to various issues. I recommend it 100%.




Thanks to this platform, we also managed to increase the number of webinars and short online training on missing persons, runways, and searching for missing persons. These are very important issues, so we want to spread reliable knowledge, and this is possible thanks to ClickMeeting.


I highly appreciate the possibility of precisely showing some things on the virtual table, which prevents my coworkers and me from the necessity of noting everything by ourselves.


Recently our foundation has organized a webinar for Ukrainian refugees who wanted to find out how to enroll their children in Polish kindergarten. Thanks to ClickMeeting’s perfect video and audio quality, our experts could share their presentations and talk to hundreds of Ukrainian mothers who were taking part in this event through their mobile phones. The Q&A round helped our audience to understand the whole process even better. The webinar was a huge success, and as it was recorded and is hung in our Facebook profile, it can still serve these who need help with this specific topic.


We appreciate ClickMeeting for the ease of sharing screens and presentations. Additionally, it is possible to discuss with participants of meetings, webinars, conferences, etc. In our opinion, ClickMeeting has proved successful in this application.


ClickMeeting is particularly appropriate for webinars and online classes. You can create the event within just a few minutes. You can easily inform your audience before and after and provide them with any materials. You can also record the event. However, to organize everyday online meetings, there are some better, more flexible tools in the market.


ClickMeeting works very well for running periodic meetings of teams of several people to discuss project work and also for hosting webinars for many participants (more than 100 people). Managing webinar participants and chat is not very difficult, even for a person who simultaneously conducts an interview with a guest.


Join the experts!

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