What are we currently working on? See how we are developing ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is constantly growing! Below you will find information about the solutions we want to implement so you can create even more engaging, interactive and secure online events

Do you have ideas for new features? Let us know! Your feedback is important to us!

Communication in the Attendee Space

We want the Attendee Space to become a platform that will allow you to communicate with your audience not only during events, but also before and after them. We are currently working on the development of a chat room that will allow you to keep in touch with your audience through the Attendee Space.

We want to implement modules to be included in invitations, webinar reminders and thank you emails to make it easier for attendees to get in touch. More engagement means more benefits.

Automation of paid webinar billing and more flexibility

Making money from your knowledge is easy with paid webinars on ClickMeeting. Soon, billing will also be simpler thanks to integration with the Invoice platform Fakturownia. You will get the ability to automatically invoice when a ticket is purchased for your paid event.

We also want to make it possible to set different ticket prices within a single event, including early bird sales.


What else are we working on?

That’s not all! We are also implementing other changes that will improve the experience of using ClickMeeting. We are working on, among other things:

  • Invitation mailing: we are developing an invitation mailing planner that will allow you to specify the date and time to send invitations to a specific event.
  • Chat in the event room: we will improve the polling and pin messages function in the chat room, and introduce the option to organize group and private chats.
  • We are also working on moderation issues: it will be possible to give a presenter or attendee chat moderator privileges, improving message management at events.
  • Certificate management: we want it to be possible to specify the minimum time that an attendee will have to spend at an event to obtain a certificate of participation.
  • Presentation mode: we want to make it possible to edit presentations during the event by adding notes or circling, among other things.
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