What Are Evergreen Webinars and How to Create Them?

Modern marketing is built on three foundations. First of all, it’s all about video. This stems from a simple principle: users themselves demand it, as they are able to get interesting information faster and deal with an attractive form. Secondly, it’s about direct contact. This is what stands behind the success of inbound marketing and building a relationship between the customer and the brand. The stronger this bond is, the higher the chances for success. Finally comes accessibility. Thanks to technological progress, you don’t have to change your plans to attend an online event. In fact, you want to access content when it’s most convenient for you. That’s exactly how your audience feels.

So is there a single format that brings these three factors together? Of course: webinars. If you associate them solely with a live event where a speaker addresses an audience, then give us a second. Evergreen webinars, that combine accessibility, interactivity, and an attractive formula, are becoming increasingly popular.


Evergreen webinar – what is it?

Webinars can vary greatly from one another. Some of them cover a topic that is relevant at a particular moment in time. For example, you are an accountant and during a webinar, you comment on a proposed change in tax law that either fails to take effect or is rapidly changing. Or you’re an employer, and you use a webinar to train employees on a software program that is soon to lose support.

However, it is easy to imagine completely different scenarios: as an accountant you prepare a webinar showing the process of setting up a company or the available forms of taxation. And as an employer, you prepare introductory training for employees or a company presentation.

Which of those content lifecycles do you think last longer? Of course, the one with a universal character. These are the evergreen webinars.

Why should you have a set of evergreen webinars?

An evergreen webinar allows you to benefit even when you are busy with something completely different or just taking a break. By creating this type of content, you are able to reap several benefits at once. Here are some reasons why you should think about an evergreen webinar:

    • Use them anytime you have no current topics to cover. They are also a great way to promote your business in a certain season or circumstances – e.g. summer holidays – or in your new product campaign.

    • Evergreen webinars are good for your SEO. You probably know what topics related to your business your customers search for. Include relevant keywords in your webinar and share the recording on your site, making it properly optimized for browsers. It will continually drive traffic to your site as the topic stays fresh for a long period of time.

    • With evergreen webinars, you can also develop your expert’s position. You share knowledge that’s always relevant and you have ready answers to questions your customers will keep asking.

    • Take advantage of webinar automation. Best evergreen webinar software will allow you to automate most of your work. This helps you reach new audiences efficiently and grow your business while saving time and effort.

    • Re-use your live webinar: if you host live webinars, it doesn’t mean that you and your attendees have to forget about the event once it’s over. On the contrary. Take advantage of live webinars and turn them into automated webinar or on-demand webinar. You can also use the recording on your YouTube channel or company blog.

    • Make passive income. An evergreen webinar – just like any other type of webinar – can be a source of income. With the right webinar software, you can easily sell access to your event. With on-demand webinars or automated webinars, you can generate a stable income without taking any additional action.

    • Make your online courses engaging: If you are creating an online course, you can make it more attractive by using an evergreen webinar. This type of content will come in handy when creating the next courses and training series, so you’ll save a lot of work and get the most out of the same webinar several times! The best solution for course creators.

    • Lead generation: Acquire new leads and ensure a steady stream of marketing data important to your business. Automate the entire process with evergreen webinars.

    • They work at every stage of the sales funnel: with well-crafted webinars and best evergreen webinar software, you will be able to boost your marketing and sales efforts without having to constantly create new content. Create an evergreen webinar both to gain potential clients and new customers. Thanks to them, you’ll get a better understanding of their expectations without additional effort.

Which webinar platform to choose for an evergreen webinar?

Here are the two things you need to create a compelling evergreen webinar:

  • A webinar script with a universal character that will also work later on.
  • A webinar solution that will keep your attendees engaged.

Now let’s look at the second factor, which is the webinar software. What are the key features to create the perfect evergreen webinar?

  • Availability of on-demand webinars: on-demand webinars are undoubtedly very convenient from the attendees’ perspective. They get access to content when it suits them best. It’s also very convenient for the host: you basically don’t have to remember to do anything, and your webinar starts and runs on its own. Don’t need to bother with a time zone.

  • Availability of automated webinars: thanks to flexible scheduling options, you can run your event on a specific date (you’ll easily benefit from a recurring schedule, too). Your webinar attendees don’t even have to realize they’re not participating in a live event.

  • Registration page: if you want to provide your attendees with hassle-free access to your content, you need to allow them to register conveniently. Check if the webinar platform offers personalized registration pages. A customized webinar room and landing page will come in handy, too!

  • Live chat feature: Best evergreen webinar software will allow you to not only present content to your attendees, but also engage with them. Live chat will let them contact you, so you’ll be able to answer questions or share additional materials. Managing chat will be easier if webinar software provides moderation features.

  • Easy content preparation: best evergreen webinar software will allow you to prepare the presented material yourself. You can combine e.g. recordings or other materials. All this without any other software and in a browser window!

  • Integration with other tools: to further simplify your work, you should choose software that can be integrated with marketing, sales, and analytics tools. A seamless data flow is the foundation of modern business.

Best evergreen webinar software will take care of your attendees’ interactive experience and will significantly simplify your work. You can find all of the above features (and much more!) in ClickMeeting. Check out for yourself and test our webinar platform during the free 30-day trial period. No credit card required!

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Ideas for your evergreen webinar

There is no shortage of inspiration for creating an evergreen webinar. You can easily find a list of topics in your industry that are always relevant and that users seek out to learn more about.

These are a few formats that will work great for this task, and some ideas for an evergreen topic, that you can use straightforward:



These are „How to…” guides, in which you teach people how to build, cook, fix, draw, or choose something, for example:

  • How to choose running shoes? If you sell sports stuff, teach customers how to choose equipment that fits their needs. No matter what current trends are, certain rules don’t change.

  • A quick guide to making stunning graphics in Canva. A social media expert can use their YouTube channel to host webinars on creating great content for social platforms.

  • How to pack your cabin luggage in 10 minutes. A webinar on how to quickly squeeze everything you need in a tiny bag will be much appreciated by customers of a holiday booking service or a luggage online store.


Educational webinars

These are webinars in which you share knowledge on important topics a large number of your customers are interested in. Here are some ideas for educational content:

  • The most common reasons cats pee outside the litterbox. If you sell pet products make sure you have a series of pet-related webinars on your site. The topics can be pet care, pet food, common diseases and behavioral problems.

  • Spelling mistakes English language learners make. A language school can host webinars on common problems such as pronunciation or frequently confused words. You can promote your webinars during school entrance exams to drive traffic to your site or YouTube channel.

  • Craft beer. What every beer lover must know before they raise a pint. If you run a microbrewery invite your customers to attend a webinar on beer styles, the secrets of beer making or beer history.


Expert’s tips and tricks

These are guides in which you cover evergreen topics and give advice from your own experience. For instance:

  • 3 alternative coffee brewing methods I have tested. A coffee online store with own roaster can invite customers to visit its site or social channels to watch webinars on coffee blends, latte art techniques and tea types.

  • 10 ways of organizing your wardrobe I recommend. A lifestyle blogger can host webinars on timeless pieces of clothing every man or woman needs, types of fabrics and on how to take care of your clothes.


What should you keep in mind to make your webinars truly evergreen?

Your webinar is to stay relevant for a long period of time so don’t say things like “I’ve been in this business for 3 years” or “I last used this trick 2 months ago”.

Don’t refer to current topics like a popular brand’s recent marketing campaign, the last presidential election, or a famous celebrity wedding.

Don’t mention products that are popular now but may not be as popular in a few years’ time. So, in a webinar on how to follow up with the latest wedding fashion trends, skip the bit about Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding.


How to put evergreen webinars into play?

As promised, we are going to empower you with two unbeatable solutions to make evergreen webinars a thriving reality.

Running a webinar is still being associated with hosting a live event. Which of course makes absolute sense, especially when you:

However, over time, webinar software evolved and delivered new tools to generate more leads. First, sending recorded webinars was a step in the right direction. Attaching the recording of the live event has become a vital component of a post-webinar follow-up communication strategy.

But here’s the bottom line: only then you will make the most of your ideas for evergreen content if you use:


On-Demand Webinars

Let’s face it – you can’t do evergreen webinars with a live event, that you schedule to happen at a certain time. With On-Demand Webinars, however, the world is yours. First, you record your event. Then you add some flavor, by mixing it with some additional videos, and a strong CTA!

When you’re ready, you can share it, promote it, and let your future clients or students watch it anytime and anywhere they want! That’s the way to fulfill the “evergreen” promise and make your content timeless. How to create an On-Demand Webinar? Watch our video tutorial:


Automated Webinars

Just like the On-Demands, Automated Webinars laid the foundations for the webinar cycle automation framework. The process of creating automated events is very similar to the on-demand ones.

The difference is, however, in the way your audience can get access to it. While On-Demand events give your attendees the luxury of watching your video content whenever they have time for it, it’s not the case for automated events.

Automated Webinars are broadcasted on a particular day and hour, just like live events, with a significant difference – it’s happening on autopilot. That’s why you can hardly tell that automated webinars are a tool that will make sense for creating timeless, evergreen content.

If you are thinking about ruling out this tool, you better hold your horses, because there’s one option that will make Automated Webinars useful for the evergreen game after all.

Recurring Automated Webinars are the answer. Record your event once and perfectly, and then schedule it to be broadcasted automatically every week or every month, for as long as you like. This way you will really make it evergreen, and most importantly – this content will work away on its own, without you having to host it each time it goes on air.

Watch this video to see how to make Automated Webinars come true:


Pre-recorded webinars vs. Evergreen webinars: differences

Very often evergreen webinars are defined as pre-recorded webinars. Is this always true? Not exactly.

In order for a webinar to be called an evergreen webinar, it must combine two basic features:

– The content must be universal in nature. A user who chooses to view it even after a long time should therefore not get the impression that it has become outdated. To make it so, you need to choose a good topic and materials.

– The audience must be able to access the content over a longer period – the live webinars provide the opportunity to view the content in a strictly defined time frame. An evergreen webinar must provide access at a later date as well. But a live webinar can become the base of an excellent evergreen webinar. You can also use other recordings or materials that you already have. This is what we call a pre-recorded webinar.

As you can see, many evergreen webinars are actually pre-recorded webinars. That’s because you use pre-recorded content during an automated webinar or on-demand webinar. Whether such an event turns out to be an evergreen webinar depends on the topic and how you describe it.

Wrapping up

Create evergreen webinars on a regular basis. They will come in handy every time you run out of ideas to prepare something from scratch. Webinar recordings will boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site over a long period of time.

Having ready answers to questions your customers ask, you develop your expert’s position. So if you still don’t have evergreen webinars in your portfolio start working on the first one today!

Moreover, power up your evergreen events with the ClickMeeting’s on-demand and automated webinars feature and reach your audience even more effectively.

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