Since you are a serious marketer, you are fully aware that today’s digital marketing focuses on precise targeting and customer engagement. Did you also know that education is on the very top of internet users’ needs? The desire to gain knowledge is huge! (SPOILER ALERT – you will learn how to put this trend to action with a Product Demo.)



Yes, people search for specific keywords and phrases to LEARN, and that is one of our most important motivations. We also tend to dig into information when we decide to buy an account on a software platform.


Because we want to know:

  • If we need it in the first place
  • How we can use it to make our plans come true

Brand24 is a Polish SaaS company delivering a web monitoring and social listening platform, and they make the most of educating and engaging their prospects and customers. In this case study, we will show you how Brand24 uses webinars in their marketing activity.

How? Let’s dive in.


At a glance:

The Client:


Their reasons for using the ClickMeeting platform:

  • Product demo webinars – a series of educational video meetings for prospects who are testing the Brand24 platform
  • Certificate webinars – online training sessions dedicated to a select group of Brand24 clients


The benefits:

  • Direct contact with clients who are testing their platform and an opportunity to answer questions live
  • Extends their offering with certificate training sessions via webinars
  • Adds a new and efficient form of premium content to the company’s marketing strategy
  • Saves time and money on traditional product demonstration

Let’s break it down:


Brand24 – on their way to conquering the world

They appeared on the market seven years ago, and since then they have become one of the most popular marketing brands in Poland. Their platform is a solution designed for brands to monitor their web presence on the go.

With features like mention feed, discussion volume chart, influence score, or alerts, Brand24 helps their B2B clients manage their brand awareness like never before. The company has become a success story in itself, and many businesses have gravitated to them.

However, the digital landscape is changing fast. To foster their customer loyalty, and to convert their qualified leads into clients, Brand24 needed a new tool.

Their decision was simple – webinars.


Webinars – answer the questions before clients ask

The company was proactive about producing content that explains the product to their clients. Mikołaj Winkiel, the Chief Evangelist from Brand24, explains:

We have invested in written content, like valuable and educational blog posts, as well as in video content. Mostly, we focused on short video tutorials posted on YouTube.


They are still happy with the quality of that content, and that’s why they continue providing it. However, their desire to provide the highest quality of customer support was mounting. They wanted to anticipate questions about their product and provide answers BEFORE their leads and clients could even think of what to ask.

Webinars weren’t a way to avoid questions; webinars gave us a chance to answer them before our clients asked – admits Mikołaj Winkiel.


How do they use webinars?

Product Demo – educating clients is a must

Although the company understands the value of podcasts, eBooks, white papers, and other forms of premium content, they find webinars to be the perfect way to achieve their primary goal: to educate the client.

That’s why they decided to give the green light to product demo webinars – a proven method for showcasing products online, especially when it comes to software platforms.

And it makes sense:

We want to engage people who are testing our tools by showing them every corner of the account panel. Why? Because a well-educated client is the more solid client and is much more likely to stay with us for the long term. The more a client knows about our product’s ecosystem inside out, the better their business results will be – says Mikołaj.


However, the biggest advantage Brand24 finds in product demo webinars is the direct contact with the user:

A person who is testing our tool can ask questions as we go along showcasing the platform. While we show step-by-step what we are doing in the account panel, anyone can chime in if something needs to be explained a bit more. That’s a huge advantage of webinars!


Certificate webinars for hundreds of attendees

How does it feel to gather 500 people in one webinar? Brand24 knows, and they admit that it feels incredible!

Certificate webinars are another way Brand24 has taken advantage of the webinar solution. What are they? In a word, they are training sessions organized for a preselected group of clients.

We run a short, dedicated course for them, at the end of which there is a test. After passing the exam, they receive our certificate – explains Mikołaj.

The biggest deal?

These webinars are huge – they can gather from 200 to 500 attendees!

Honestly, if we wanted to reach that number of people without webinars, it would take months, multiplying costs and our staffing needs exponentially.


ClickMeeting – a mature and wise decision

As a SaaS company, Brand24 uses other software platforms on a regular basis. They know which to choose and how to use them. After testing a dozen webinar solutions, they decided to bring ClickMeeting onboard.

The ClickMeeting platform is so intuitive that each of us learned how to use it in no time. After a few minutes, we were all set to start creating events and send e-mail invitations – Mikołaj recalls.


Favorite features?

Are there any top features that Brand24 marketers value the most while using the ClickMeeting webinar software?

I think the Screen Sharing is our number one, because the goal of our webinars is to show our platform live, and screen sharing is ideal for that, says Mikołaj.


He adds:

The chat feature. Maybe it’s obvious, but this feature enables us to have a live interaction with our audience. We can address any questions our clients raise during a product demo.


Would Brand24 recommend ClickMeeting?

Would this successful and fast-growing MarTech company recommend ClickMeeting for other B2B players?

It happens all the time that our clients ask us for tips and tricks and other software tools. It doesn’t come as a surprise, because we often share these insights on our social media channels. ClickMeeting is a fine choice when it comes to webinars organized globally – states Brand24’s Chief Evangelist, Mikołaj Winkiel.

Haven’t tried webinars yet?

Try ClickMeeting on a free trial!

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