“Differentiate or die”. This motto, coined by marketing guru, Jack Trout, is more relevant today than ever before. There is a lot of marketing clutter out there! Helping your brand stand out from the crowd of other market players can be a tough challenge… Oh, wait a second! You are a webinar platform user. This makes your task much easier than you think. Here are several ways you can use webinars to provide your audience with a unique brand experience.


Rebrand your webinar

Consistency across all communication channels is vital if you want your brand to be recognizable and easy to remember. Did you know that webinar platforms let you add your logo and brand colors to all user-facing elements? This ensures that your message is consistent and helps your brand stand out from the competition.


Expand your reach

The obvious goal for every marketer: get your message as many of your target group members as possible. Good webinar platforms enable you to host webinars for as many as 5,000 people!


Pitch your idea

If you are looking to promote a brand that no one has heard of yet, you will need a killer elevator pitch. It will help you demonstrate the value your brand offers, the idea behind it, and make the audience buy into it. Webinars are a great tool for creating an elevator pitch. To learn what rules you should follow to prepare a successful one, take a look at this article on our blog.


Present your brand’s offering

You probably have a product website, a set of nicely crafted leaflets, brochures, and other marketing materials. Bear in mind, though, that today’s customers can’t be bothered to read lengthy product descriptions. You’ll be much more effective at showcasing your brand’s offering if you provide it in an attractive visual form. According to the research by Animoto, four times as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product than read its description. So, take advantage of the audio and video features webinar platforms provide to engage your audience and provide them with a memorable brand experience.


Show your achievements

If your brand has been present in the market for a while and has accomplishments it can boast about, you can spread the word about them via webinars. This can help you reach out to new prospects and win them over. Host a webinar in which you present the most interesting projects you have done. Let your audience know you are a great problem solver and you have already addressed the needs of a number of clients. Discuss the biggest challenges you have faced and present the case studies you are proudest of.


Share knowledge

Take every opportunity to show your brand as an industry expert. Educate your audience and share valuable content with them. Run a webinar presenting the best practices in your area of expertise. Share knowledge your participants can use when dealing with their day-to-day business challenges. Or, go one step further and provide them with an exclusive e-book, report or guide, available only for webinar participants. More on the ways you can use webinars to share knowledge, soon, on our blog.


Invite an industry guru to co-host your webinar

Your clients and prospects will appreciate it if your brand offers them a unique opportunity to meet an influencer or a renowned expert. Good webinar platforms enable you to run your webinar with another presenter. More importantly, you can co-host it from different locations. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and an Internet connection. So, look for an expert willing to be a co-presenter at your online event and share their expertise on a topic your audience is particularly interested in.


Listen to your audience and improve your performance

When your webinar is over, let your attendees know you care about their opinion and want to do your best to cater to their needs in the future. Use the polls and surveys tool to gather their feedback to learn their opinion on your performance so far. This way, you can tailor your next webinar to their expectations and make it an event they will not want to miss.



I hope that you see the possibilities webinars offer to marketers in building brand awareness and that you feel empowered and ready to take up this new challenge. Take a look at how other brands have already benefited from the features ClickMeeting offers and get down to creating a webinar for your brand.

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

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