Breathe New Life Into Your Blog with a Webinar Presentation

There are more than 100 million blogs online. Most have little traffic and subscribers because bloggers overlook critical marketing mediums for growing their audience. A blog without regular readers and a steady influx of traffic is a dead blog. Remember that unlike static websites, blogs are dynamic and are often viewed as an exchange between blogmaster and reader.

There are many ways to promote a blog and grow its subscriber base. Some great ideas include, social media, guest posting on other relevant blogs, article marketing and of course webinars.

Have you ever considered embedding a webinar presentation within your blog to help drive traffic to your site and build a reputation? Or how about promoting your blog via a webinar? Read on to learn more about why webinars are important for your blog and unique ideas for using them.


The Power of Visual Effect

In a day and age where the majority of people have a computer, Internet connection, and/or a smart phone, visual media is being used everywhere. The written word is dying out – well, not entirely. If you are still reading these words and not just skimming through, then this is proof that words still have power. However, many blog owners are turning to webinars and videos to liven up their blog, and here’s why:


  • Video holds attention much more effectively than writing. Case in point: Why do more people choose to watch television in their free time than to read a book?
  • Webinars have a greater degree of authenticity. Anyone could post information in a blog – they simply have to do a little research and can easily sound like an expert. However, people who present in a live webinar must actually be knowledgeable about the specific topic.
  • Live webinars have a start and end point, and then they’re gone. Most people do not assume that a webinar will be recorded and shared, and thus they feel a sense of urgency to attend the live webinar so that they do not miss out on important information. With a written blog, it’s always there, so people feel no urgency in reading it, and many never do.
  • People believe that webinars contain important information. This is not to say that written posts are not important, but viewers see a webinar as “special” and “unordinary” and are more likely to pay attention to it. Of course, if you post a webinar or video in every blog post, then it may lose some of its glam.


Ideas for Using a Webinar in Your Blog

Webinars are informative tools that draw in an audience and drive them to your site. They are proven highly effective at building relationships and increasing conversion rates. So, how exactly should a webinar be used to promote your blog?


  • First, design a webinar to promote your blog/company as well as any products or services that you market. Advertise your webinar as a LIVE webinar and highlight the major topics you will address in the presentation (make sure the topics are attractive so that you draw an audience). You can advertise it through email by using existing email marketing lists, advertise it on your blog and other social media sites, and advertise it on relevant event boards and discussion boards online. Get other bloggers involved in the promotion process as well to create buzz that will bring more interested parties to the table.
  • Next, host the live webinar and record it as you present. Afterwards, review and edit the recording as needed. Be sure to send a follow up email to everyone who participated in the webinar to thank them; include a link in the email that drives them back to your site.
  • Lastly, break the webinar into segments so that you can post it to your blog as a series. This will create an incentive for people to keep returning to your blog each week. Write a little teaser at the end of each blog post that gives an overview of next week’s video.
  • Remember, people like to have options. Not everyone likes to watch a video, and not everyone likes to read words. Thus, include both in each post. Place your webinar video at the top of the post, followed by a written description underneath that summarizes the points in the video.

Merely seeing a webinar video posted on a blog is enough to spark peoples’ interest. Even if they do not watch the video, they will be drawn in by thinking that the post must be an important one. They may simply scan the words underneath the video, but regardless, this method has helped to drive people to the site and build followers. Breathe new life into your own blog by hosting a webinar and posting it as a series to your site!

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