Does it look like we can’t get have enough of new features? We really hope so! We also love the moment of introducing them to webinar enthusiasts like yourself. From now on, you can combine the power of webinars with the most popular social media channels and engage your audience like never before! Say hello to Facebook & YouTube Live.


Yes, it’s been a very busy Summer for us! After launching paid webinars as a tool to monetize your know-how, and on-demand webinars to boost your lead base, now it’s time to kick off another exciting feature – Facebook & YouTube Live.


Streaming Live on Facebook & YouTube – why use it?

Let’s face it: a successful business is all about growth. To boost your position in your industry, you need to expand your reach. The webinars you’ve created are already high-quality and valuable for your target clients. So now what you need to do is expand your content visibility and engage your social media network to achieve it.


Become a Webinar & Social Media Ninja

You have heard and read a lot about the most effective and perspective marketing channels to embed in your business strategy. All the reports and forecast sing along this catchy tune about the ultimate power of video content and social media marketing. Now, you can join those two in one razor-sharp game plan. Synchronize your webinar events with your social media network on Facebook and YouTube. Just like on-demand webinars, the live streaming feature enhances your lead base and builds a solid foundation to land serious B2B relationships.


Ready to skyrocket your webinar reach with Facebook & YouTube?

It’s a perfect time to unleash a webinar beast! With Facebook & YouTube Live you will:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Boost your content visibility
  • Engage your social media network
  • Generate more leads

Start streaming your webinars live on Facebook and YouTube and influence a much wider audience!

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Posted by Jakub Zielinski

Content Writer @ClickMeeting, Co-Founder @ Much2Kind Marketing

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