OK. You’ve got great products and services. Your offers are unbeatable values. You really know your stuff. So how come your sales are lagging? The Web makes it easier than ever to transact business, but you need a powerful ingredient: credibility. Here’s how to use ClickWebinar to create credibility faster than you think possible. 

Think of all the art museums in the world. They enjoy a steady stream of paying visitors — people who value the museum’s credibility.

And whose job is it to create that credibility? The museum curator.



Becoming a Curator in Your Field

The curator is the person who collects the exhibits. He or she is not required to be an artist (although many are.) The curator knows art and collects great exhibits for the patrons.

Think of it as a cycle. The curator brings exhibits to the museum; → the exhibits bring credibility to the museum; → the museum brings credibility to the exhibits; →  and to complete the cycle, this process brings credibility right back to the curator.

Could you create a credibility building cycle for your business? Sure you could.

By bringing the best of your field to your audience, you could develop tremendous credibility. And credibility makes the job of selling so much easier, doesn’t it?

So here are a few “curator” ideas you can implement using webinars.


1. Expert Webinars

In marketing, it’s not always wise to position yourself as an expert on everything in your field. People find it hard to believe.

For example, if you needed knee surgery, would you want a medical doctor who claims to be a leading expert on orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery, family medicine, and psychiatry? Hard to believe. Most people would prefer someone who specializes in orthopedic surgery.

And people prefer a specialist in almost every field. Why? It’s easier to believe that a person can develop true expertise in a specialty. It’s also easier for people to tell their friends what makes the specialist special. So a specialty makes you more referable.

And it puts you in a perfect position to become a curator, one who collects experts and brings them to your customers and prospects.

This can give you instant credibility. After all, if you have relationships with these world-class experts, you must be pretty world-class yourself.

ClickWebinar is an easy way to bring together a panel of experts to deliver valuable advice and knowledge to your friends, followers, prospects and customers.



2. Success Webinars

Have any of your customers enjoyed good results from buying your products or services?

Here’s the thing. If you try to tell people how great your product or service is, their eyes can glaze over. It’s hard to listen to messages like that — harder yet to believe.

But if a real person shares his or her experiences with your products or services, that’s different. Why? They can visualize a story and relate it to their own situation.

For example, can you visualize “excellent customer service”? Well, it’s hard to develop mental image of “excellence”. But if someone tells a story about how they had a problem, and they told you, and you solved the problem . . . those actions are easier to visualize.

In the same way, interviewing one of your raving fans is a great way to help your audience picture what it’s like to be your customer.

A ClickWebinar featuring your raving fans talking about their great experience with you can give you instant credibility.


3. Joint Sales Webinars

This one is a twist on Expert Webinars described in number one.

Find people who have something to sell — a product or service that is related to your business without directly competing with you. Then put together a webinar where each talks about their product or service, answers questions from the audience and presents an offer.

This is hugely popular in the market for digital information products and could be adapted for lots of other fields.

For example, an estate planning attorney could team up with a certified public accountant and a financial planner to discuss strategies for transferring wealth to the next generation.

The beauty of this model is that if the attorney attracts a new client, that client is also a prospect for the accountant and financial planner.

And a recorded version of the webinar could be used for promotional purposes by all of them for years to come.


Finding Partners for Joint Webinar

If your current network doesn’t include good candidates for joint webinars, you’ve got a little work to do. Luckily, the social media revolution has made networking easy.

LinkedIn might be a great place to start. You can find LI Groups dedicated to almost any topic. Or start your own! It won’t take long for you to find people who are trying to engage the same audience as you, maybe in your own geographical area.

Twitter has a very useful advanced search feature. So instead of Tweeting about where you’re eating your morning doughnut, spend the time searching and reaching out to potential partners.

Likewise, Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus — almost anywhere people congregate online can be great for finding potential partners for webinars.



Collaborating with Competitors

If you’re overly concerned about the competition, this may not be for you. On the other hand, you might want to reconsider how you define who is a true competitor.

It’s possible that you’re trying to cover too many categories. So, as suggested in number one, it may be helpful to narrow your focus. That may open your eyes to new opportunities for beneficial relationships.


What Have You Seen?

These are just a few ideas we’ve picked up about how our customers use ClickMeeting to become curators for collaborative webinars. If you’re active on the Web, you’ve probably seen others. If so, tell us about it in the comments.

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