Perhaps one of the easiest tools to start using during your videoconferencing process is the ability to poll information and directly alter the course of your meeting to address specific concerns of your groups or client. You can just as easily field typed responses as you can to offer a live poll during your live feed. This adds another great addition to fielding for live response through social media. Both are important in turning your web presence into a productive asset to help you excel with your business goals.

Letting Discovery Field Learning

Some of the best learning moments come from those times when you can actually piece things together for yourself to see the big picture. When it comes to the information that you are putting together, whether a webinar, or a videoconference, it is always a good idea to keep this learning process in mind.

Remember those professors that did nothing but essentially stand in front of the classroom and read their lecture, or worse simply read the text book? That is exactly the sort of image you want to avoid. You want to keep the audience engaged and one of the best ways to accomplish this easily is to field questions or offer polls to your viewers.

Brings People Together

togetherBy asking people what they think while you are presenting your material you help light up that portion of your audience’s brain that allows for active listening to take place. It keeps your listener’s attentive, and it also helps keep you on your toes too. The more integration that you can accomplish during your meeting the more everyone is going to feel like they actually got something worthwhile out of their time and dollar.

Keep Their Brains From Being Mashed Potatoes

This sort of integration really helps you harness the potential you have to deliver your message. When you field questions you can help guide people through the process of what you want to teach them. Just like when you are speaking to somebody, there is a substantial amount of evidence to validate the vast amount of information that is completely overlooked once you introduce a negative conjunction. When presenting an idea you shouldn’t say, “Item “A” was good, BUT…”As soon as your listener hears the word “but” they instantly began to turn their active listening level to that of mashed potatoes.

ideasIf you want to engage your audience, ask them questions. The process of them coming up with answers on their own gives them a better sense of accomplishment and really allows them to take a certain amount of pride and ownership in the new found wisdom.  Take the bull by the horns on your own and be prepared with a questionnaire to run parallel to your meeting. Schedule a break for it if you need.

New Opportunities Waiting Right There

Of course this sort of feedback instruction is going to help you make stronger working relationships but it could just lead to that next partnership that you couldn’t imagine yourself without. You may even find new ways to re-brand your image, or quite possibly restructure your entire business plan. Sometimes a little change is inevitable, and many times it is through change that we start to see the growth we’ve been missing. If this happens to be a situation that is plaguing your business structure than the sort of coming together of minds that comes from polling could offer you the networking opportunity you need. You may just need a fresh perspective.

salesmanEven though you may be able to form possible partnerships you may find there may not be the need you thought there was. It could just be a fresh perspective is all you needed, or more appropriately, a fresher perspective. Anytime you are working on your pet project or a goal that requires an excessive amount of thought and preparation it is really easy to lose sight of new opportunities that are just waiting in the sidelines for you to notice. Don’t think twice about bringing some of these ideas off the bench and testing them out. You can always control how selective you want to go in terms of who you share the questionnaire with, but you can’t always just assume what people are going to like based on market trends. Sometimes it’s good to ask.

Worth Its Weight

Bringing in surveys and polls can be a great way to shake up your thinking and give you the jumpstart your business plan needs for more growth. Beyond that, on a more basic scale, giving your audience the possibility for a voice will help the both of you. They get the opportunity to have a more integrated learning experience, and you get the wonderful pleasure of letting to know that you are actually giving the people want they truly need and want to hear and that is worth more than gold.

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