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3 New Enhancements That Give ClickMeeting Webinars Greater Flexibility

3 New Enhancements That Give ClickMeeting Webinars Greater Flexibility

At ClickMeeting, we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually improving the functionality of our product. We want to make sure your webinars are easy to host, and that your productivity climbs. Today, we’re...

/ August 10, 2016

ClickMeeting Apps for iPhone and Android Are Here!

We’ve been working on our new apps for iPhone and Android for quite a while. The challenges were daunting, but we’re pleased with how they turned out. Are you ready to give them a whirl? This post will help you...

/ November 25, 2013

New ClickMeeting Video: Cool Stats About YOU

During a webinar with prospects or partners, did you ever wonder how many others are running a webinar at the same time? The answer may astound you! 

/ July 16, 2013

Webinars, Your Way to Global Communication – New Infographic

Webinars as the way to communicate globally with your audience are getting more and more popular. Not convinced yet? Check out some cool statistics from ClickMeeting and see how powerful online communication can be!

/ June 18, 2013

Happy Christmas from the ClickMeeting Team!

The year is coming to an end (and it looks like the world is going to continue beyond today ;)). At ClickMeeting, we’re slowing down a bit to prepare for Christmas. And as we pause to be with our loved ones,...

/ December 21, 2012

Announcing: ClickMeeting Rebranding

  We’re excited to introduce our new branding. Our constant and never-ending improvements enable us to deliver fresh ideas for our platform. So we came up with a fresh idea for our logo too. 

/ October 16, 2012

National Earth Day 4/22/2012 – Join us!

Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, DC will be the centerpiece of Earth Day in the United States. Thousands of environmentally-conscious people from all over the country will join together with civic leaders and celebrities for this special...

/ April 20, 2012

ClickMeeting Among the Top 10 Web Conferencing Tools

To our delight, Online Meeting Tools Review Blog recently reviewed ClickMeeting and ranked it among the top 10 best web conferencing solutions. You can imagine how proud we are but, on the other hand, now that we’re in top 10,...

/ March 29, 2011

Are Online Meetings Really the Future?

Interview with Simon Grabowski, CEO of ClickMeeting      

/ December 3, 2010

Don’t commute, communicate!

In our digital world, online meetings are no longer a novelty. What matters now is delivering innovative solutions and superb quality at an affordable price. And today we’re really proud to present ClickMeeting, the new online conferencing platform that will...

/ October 29, 2010