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ClickMeeting Helps! We Strongly Support Institutions Affected by Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is changing in front of our eyes, and we are all trying to cope with the emergency none of us has ever experienced. The pandemic explosion puts healthcare and state institutions on the frontline to combat the virus. Here at ClickMeeting, we decided to give our strong support to hospitals and government organizations.


The global situation we are all going through is unmatched. But some organizations handle the biggest responsibility of all – healthcare and state institutions.

Harsh times require out-of-the-box solutions – says Dominika Paciorkowska, the Managing Director at ClickMeeting. – Nobody knows how long states, healthcare, businesses, and educational institutions will need to be in an emergency planning mode. That’s a challenge; that’s why we come up with a helping hand.


Hospitals, doctors, healthcare personnel, governments, and municipalities are on the frontline of the combat.Therefore, we are going to give our support to those organizations. From now on, each healthcare and state institution can be granted with a fully equipped, feature-rich professional webinar and video conferencing platform for free.

This way, doctors will receive a free and professional tool for efficient and real-time communication with each other, to run meaningful consultations and share documents – highlights Simon Grabowski, the CEO of ClickMeeting. – State organizations, on the other hand, will be able to switch to running 100% online conferences. 


Video conferencing and webinar platforms as a solution

The demand for using digital collaboration tools exploded. Schools, universities, and businesses have turned their heads to move their entire communication to the online world.

The virus-imposed lockdown has also changed the remote work from a nice-to-have option to an absolute must.

We didn’t hesitate a second. When the situation got significantly worse, we decided to enable all our employees to work from home and stay safe. Right now, our entire company operates remotely admits Simon Grabowski.

Working in distributed teams and teaching online on a scale we haven’t seen before, have turned into a gigantic interest in video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar platforms.

We work round the clock to help you with your online events

Over the last few weeks here at ClickMeeting, we have been experiencing enormously high user traffic and an avalanche of questions sent to our Customer Success Team.

It has been, and it still is, a significant technical challenge to manage that vast number of conferences at the same time. On top of that, a significant percentage of organizations that come to our webinar platform to connect with their students, employees, or customers, are either doing it for the first time or have little experience in it.

It multiplies the number of queries and questions are Customer Success Team and Account Managers receive. 

We don’t want to leave organizations on their own because the situation for many businesses and institutions is critical – states Dominika PaciorkowskaThat’s why, not only our support team works 24/7 to help our customers, but employees from other departments like marketing or legal have rushed in to help by solving problems via chat or on social media.

Users’ vivid activity on social media inspired us to launch a new group on Facebook called ClickMeeting Webinar Academy, which aggregates all the technical and substantive questions and knowledgeable tips and tricks from our employees. We’ve also produced many educational materials and run online events educating growing groups of users.

We are maximizing our infrastructure to secure your online meetings

As we mentioned above, our platform got colonized by the legions of video conferences and webinars. We had to take severe measures to ensure the best quality and performance of our service.

Our IT department is working day and night to scale up our platform. So far, we have increased the number of our servers and other elements of infrastructure by 40-50%.

This is our count for today, but we definitely are not going to stop at this point with rebuilding and migrations.

Our mission as ClickMeeting is not only ensuring the technical stability of our platform – that has become one of the fundamental working tools for many companies and educational institutions – states Simon Grabowski, ClickMeeting’s CEO. – “Our ultimate goal is to support those who have the greatest responsibility for making sure that the pandemic would not take even disastrous proportions.


We are here to help you

Nobody knows for how long a virus will be a factor that will be affecting business operations, traveling, work, and education.

For the time being, let’s focus on constructive solutions. Reach out to our Customer Success Team to outline that your hospital, clinic, government, city council, or any other organization involved in fighting the results of coronavirus pandemic.

We will grant you a pro webinar account for free and guide you on how to make the most of it in terms of organizing virtual meetings, and online conferences.

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