Introducing our platform’s new features or product improvements is always uplifting. It is especially so when it refers to a highly expected tool that will bring you a super interactive and practical online meeting platform. With this ClickMeeting’s product upgrade, you can see, hear, and talk to 25 people during your meetups.


The last couple of months have been utterly busy for us here at ClickMeeting. Since the pandemic outbreak, the number of online events held on our webinar platform went through the roof.

During this time, our customers have also been extraordinarily active in sending us meaningful feedback about our platform. But also (high five!), you have been letting us know what tools you want us to implement within the product.

To meet those needs, we have released several improvements, including:

  • AV tester – to double-check your audio-video settings before you start your event;

  • Room layouts’ synchronization – so your attendees could see the same layout as you do;

  • Saving the room setup – which allows you to save your content and room set up well before your event goes live.

But with this release, we are fulfilling one of your biggest requests!


Online meetings are no longer an attractive option but a must

As we highlighted in our latest report, social distancing rules and the lockdown have turned online meetings and webinars to a first-aid tool to carry on with your business activities.

On a global scale, we switched to online communication and a 100% remote work model in no time.

We carried out a survey which confirmed that the pandemic had reinforced the demand for online meetings and collaboration:

  • Running business meetings and organizing online meetings with employees jumped from 45% to 50%;

  • Project collaboration – answers confirmed that business goals improved from 36% to 43%.


Companies are working in distributed teams; corporations need to communicate between branches located in different cities, regions, countries, or continents.

Vendors meet with their customers, startups with potential angel investors, and various IT projects bring together developers, managers, or graphic designers located miles away from each other.


Teaching online is a way to go

For the same reason, education had to transform into online education, and it also happened overnight. With schools and universities being shut down, teachers started to meet their students in virtual classrooms or lecture halls.

According to our survey, a striking 48%of respondents admit that e-learning was their objective when it comes to running webinars before the pandemic. Right now, 46% of people confirm that this is their current business goal.

Running professional training sessions is on a roll – 41% before the outbreak, 44% after the lockdown came to reality.


The need

What those two purposes have in common? What basic need connects online meetings and collaboration and teaching online? After going through your invaluable feedback, we are more than certain – to meet with your team members, board directors, business partners, or students, you need to be able to see, hear, and talk to them all in real-time.


The answer

You asked, we delivered! From this moment, running online meetings on the ClickMeeting platform will be more efficient than ever! You can now get together with a group of 25 participants, and conduct a virtual conference, where everyone can see, hear, and talk to each other.



How does it work? With this version of our platform, you can adjust your meeting room’s view to your needs:

  • Select the gallery view to let up to 25 participants talk, present their work, and brainstorm ideas.

  • Make the presenter’s stream the leading one if you conduct an online class, a board meeting, or pitch your app to angel investors.

  • Switch between the views at any time during the session to fit the needs of your online business meeting or class.

You can also stay in full control of your online meetups by:

  • Assigning presenters. This way, you can enable another person to take over the discussion from the spot and start sharing the screen to present a document or a piece of software.

  • Turning participants’ cameras and microphones on and off, which can be super useful in terms of conducting a virtual classroom where you choose particular students to answer or ask questions or to check their knowledge as you move along with the lesson or a lecture.

  • Moderating your discussions by blocking or unblocking selected attendees. If you don’t want your lecture or a project meeting to get out of hand, you can block a meeting participant or a student who disrupts the discussion. Naturally, you can undo this at any time, whenever you want a player back on the pitch.

  • Running private chats. With this tool, you can share thoughts, ideas, or ask questions directly to a particular attendee without anyone else in the room knowing it.

  • Logging someone out of the meeting. This is your ultimate weapon you can use if anyone bumps into your meetup and turns it inside out.


More features for online meetings and teaching online

Let’s get a bigger picture. Running online meetings on ClickMeeting doesn’t boil down just to seeing everyone on cameras. Long before this product upgrade, our customers have been making the most of other features perfectly suited for online meetings, business collaboration, and online teaching.

After joining your meeting participants or students in the event room, you can:

  • Display a presentation or other files – graphics, texts, spreadsheets, or video materials;

  • Draw and write on a virtual whiteboard and easily share the results of your work with those who took part in your event;

  • Display a chosen video clip directly from the YouTube platform;

  • Share your screen to show others what you are currently working on, or teach most effectively by walking your students through a particular subject;

  • Conduct polls and surveys to conclude project meetings or to verify the knowledge you share with your students;

  • Communicate through a chat box or during a moderated Q&A session.


Are you ready for your new online meeting platform? Meet now and get things done

Don’t hesitate to try our new tool in action and make the most of your online meetings! It’s available in every paid plan with no extra fees! Log in to your account today and start running truly interactive virtual classrooms and online collaboration meetings.

New to the ClickMeeting platform? Take it for a 30-day free test drive! No credit card required!

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