How to Use Webinars for Education

Time and space are considerations that have always figured in teaching and learning environments. Time is of the essence, so to speak, and careful time management is key to optimize discussions and pedagogical interventions. Meanwhile, designing a space that allows for effective learning and teaching constitutes more than just assigning a physical space, but, rather identifying one that eases the process of exchange between learners and teachers. Read more

Old Dog, New Tricks: Upgrade Your Presentation for a Different Audience

Putting together a presentation is a lot of work.  Doing the research, finding the perfect images, getting the wording right, and tweaking the slides (often at the last minute) takes hours and hours of mental labor. All that effort pays off when you really wow your audience.  And then it’s over.  It was great while it lasted, but odds are, that PowerPoint won’t be making the rounds again anytime soon.  It was designed with a specific audience in mind, and it served its purpose. Read more

Videoconferencing Value-Sized

Adding value to your videoconferencing experience is one of the most essential elements to having the lasting effect that graduating your business from mere phone calls into the more professional arena of what integrating video into your business solutions provides. Beyond simple interviewing and providing essential, quick, and relevant business intel, the videoconference requires that you keep a mindful check on how the process actually be improved.

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Turn Your Virtual Trainings into a Class Act

It has long been observed in the education profession that students get bored with being lectured. Not only does the learner lose interest by merely being given boatloads of information they don’t know how to use, but they also don’t always learn what they’re supposed to. If you do virtual trainings for your clients, you may have noticed something similar. Stony silence when you ask for questions and lots of follow-up about things you already covered in training are dead giveaways. It’s not uncommon for a straightforward, explanatory training session to leave clients more confused than when they showed up.

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How To Use Webinars In The Real Estate Industry

Some of us old timers still remember the days when in order to spread the word about our business, or to engage or even educate customers we had to send salesmen to knock on doors, hang brochures on people’s door knobs and car windows and/or cold call everyone in town. Thankfully, these tedious and labor intensive techniques have become very outdated with the invention of the Internet, and along with it a magical tool called the webinar, which is simply an online seminar.

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How To Use Webinars For Non Profit Organizations

Webinars, or online seminars are the ideal method for non-profit organizations to organize, and convey information to a worldwide audience without having to incur the high costs associated with travel or educational materials. No matter how large the organization, webinars can be an ideal way to communicate with donors, volunteers and staff for both training, education, fundraising and various charitable program development.

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Multitasking – the overrated resume booster

At any given time in an average workday, there are e-mails to be answered, phone calls to return, and projects to manage. Multitasking is the art of working on a little of this and a little of that with a little more of that other thing in between. It’s not literally doing two or more things at the same time – which is not technically possible – but rather juggling multiple things in the same block of time (say, writing two e-mails, writing some of a report, and updating a spreadsheet all within 30 minutes). Read more

Are You Memorable to Your Audience?

Odds are, if you’re making a presentation, you’re speaking to an audience that has seen dozens and dozens of presentations in their lifetime. Some of these presentations have likely faded in their memories, or perhaps never were a memory because they weren’t even paying attention. We’ve all been to boring and unmemorable presentations, however well-meaning they may have been. Due to past experiences – having to spend time in mediocre webinars and lackluster sales pitches – some audiences may have low expectations for your presentation. How do you overcome this hurdle to gain a positive reputation and earn a spot in your audience’s memory?

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[Infographic] Benefits of Videoconferencing for Business

Can videoconferencing help your business? Is it a luxury or a “must have”? Before you make your decision, get the facts. Our new infographic delivers conclusive data about three major trends that are changing the business world — trends made possible by videoconferencing. In 2013, 61% of businesses in practically every industry used videoconferencing. Projections show that by 2015, 88% will be using it. Here’s why. Read more