11 Tips for Creating a Successful Q&A for Webinars

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Webinars are powerful online communication tools because they are live and interactive. The experience of attending a webinar stands miles apart from going through a website or a blog entry even if it offers online live support. Fact is, the more a virtual communication mimics a face to face experience, the more engaging it becomes, the more it appeals to our natural sense of human contact.

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How to Organize a Successful Webinar

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It does not matter which industry you belong to, or how much you have embraced the fact that we now live in the age of internet technology, it is undeniable that online seminars, or what we have come to call webinars, have taken our current age of online communication by storm. People of different strokes are organizing webinars to introduce or advertise products and services, share new information, train people and staff, do business meetings, conduct lectures and even hold workshops. Indeed, the ways through which different organizations and industries are using webinars are as varied, and to a certain extent boundless, as the nature of communication itself.

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The “Me” in “Team”: How to Be a Good Team Player

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Whether you’re creating a webinar or completing a presentation to show during a meeting, odds are you have to work with other people to get the job done. The working world was not design to be a one-man or one-woman show. Teamwork is hard work, whether or not you’re the one leading the pack. Ego, differing priorities, and conflicts of interest can arise when teamwork is sub par. While differences need to be addressed, the focus during a team project should be the final result or product. Being a good team player means not letting frivolities get in the way of that. Though there may not be an “I” in team – it’s not all about you – there is a “me,” in the sense that the success of the team depends on each individual’s participation as a good team player.

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The 5 Sources of Power in an Organization

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Power makes the world go ‘round – and in the professional world, it enhances our careers.  Depending on who has power and how that power is used, both positive and negative outcomes can results from the use (or abuse) of power.  The more power you had, the more carefully it needs to be exercised.  But in general, we all want more power: it gives us a bigger say in decision-making and more control over our environment.

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Dealing with Struggle in Style: Overcoming Conflict Aversion

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Conflict is central to the human experience.  There is some degree of conflict in most areas of life, and particularly in work situations and in meetings.  In general we tend to want to avoid conflict, but in fact it is unavoidable – and often the more you avoid a situation, the worse it can become.  There are ways that we can use conflict to progress through a situation instead of trying to avoid it.  Dealing with conflict is a skill, and one that you can get better at the more you meet conflict with strategic intervention.

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Getting to the Point Without PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is old school, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. As a user-friendly presentation tool, it still makes a regularly scheduled appearance at conferences and in web presentations, and it still serves its purpose. But you’re not likely to wow your audience with slide transitions and sound effects. There are literally dozens of other options for presentation software that offer new tricks that many audiences haven’t yet seen – or at least haven’t seen enough of to get bored with yet. Showing your audience a novel platform for your information delivery will get them focused on your presentation – if only because they want to see how it works and what you can do with it! Here we present and compare our top three choices for the best PowerPoint alternatives.

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Get Cultured: Resources for International Business Etiquette


Business is global, and so should be our thinking about how to do business.  Cultural differences don’t go away in a business meeting.  In fact, awareness of different cultural practices and the business etiquette followed abroad can make all the difference in forming a new business partnership or making a sale.  Videoconferencing is frequently used to reach business partners and clients abroad.  Knowing how to behave during these meetings – how and what to say – will produce the best outcome for your company.

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Be Your Own Best Critic – The Art of Self-Criticism


The ability to see one’s own flaws and work at improving them is a quality shared by the most successful people.  A healthy dose of self-criticism keeps your feet grounded and gives you the power to make positive changes through honest observation of your own performance.  Too much self-criticism, on the other hand, can be damaging to self-esteem and cause anxiety and depression.  Read more

Why Big Companies Use Webinars To Increase Brand Awareness


You’re a big company looking to increase your sales and profit. Your product is sound, reasonably priced, and useful. The only obstacle standing in the way of your company? Lack of brand awareness among the general public. However, there is a way to increase your brand awareness quickly and easily in order to benefit your business. It isn’t rocket science, either. Rather, it’s webinars.  Read more