Blogging Versus Webinar Presentations To Connect With An Online Audience


The growing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has changed the landscape of our communication practices. Direct interpersonal communication that connect a presenters to their audience used to be within the ambit of face-to-face meetings. In this day and age, however, an increasing number of people are able to present ideas, communicate thoughts and connect with their audience through web-based communication.

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It’s All in What You Don’t Say: Improving Your Nonverbal Communication


The message you deliver in your presentation is what your audience will take home with them: It contains the key points and information that you want them to know and be able to use. Effective verbal communication, including your tone of voice and how you say things, gets your point across. This is the part that we tend to spend the most time preparing. Yet it only constitutes roughly 7 percent of your total communication during the presentation.

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Four Biggest Misconceptions About Web Conferencing


The web conferencing revolution is well under way: millions of people are using video chat instead of phone conference calls or face-to-face meetings to deliver important business information with a national and global reach. Yet some are still unsure about the concept. If you count yourself among the skeptics, you may have your good reasons. However, if it’s one of these four big misconceptions about web conferencing, you may be missing out on a great opportunity for your business.

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Audio Conference Call ADD – Is It Normal?


Sitting in front of your computer listening in on a virtual conference call, you may not be able to help taking a glance at your e-mail. Then minutes later you might find yourself zoning out thinking about what you’ll have for lunch later. And before the 30-minute call is up, you’ve found yourself dozing off. These ADD-like behaviors would never manifest themselves in an in-person meeting or even a web conference with video (at least for those of us with manners) – so why do little distractions seem to happen more frequently during conference calls that are voice-only?

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Be in Accordance Before You Record: Recording Consent Laws


Webinars and web conferences only happen once, and may contain important information you want to hold on to for later. That’s why so many web conferencing software platforms have the capability to record. While it may seem like no big deal, it is essential to get permission from those you are conferencing with in accordance with the recording consent laws of your state/country. Read more

Webinar Pricing Guide: How to Determine What to Charge


Putting a webinar together is hard work: the costs in time and money for creating the content, filming, editing, and marketing are not for the faint of heart. Webinars are both a product and a service and can give your audience life- and career-changing advice. Other than making money – either directly from people paying to attend the webinar or indirectly from sales resulting from the webinar – the goal is to get interested people to attend. There’s one factor that can make or break the attendance at your webinar: how much you decide to charge for it.

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How To Overcome Fear And Launch Your First Webinar


Everyone gets those annoying butterflies when they get ready to start their own online business. Launching your first webinar can be a very risky venture, but if you have a solid plan, you will do great in today’s market. However, when these butterflies turn into bigger fears, you have to work on those terror pangs and so that you can concentrate on the launch of your webinar. Read more

Give the Scoop on Your Company – The Five W’s of a Business Introduction


The five W’s of news writing – who, what, when, where, and why – guide the content of breaking stories on the Web, on TV, and in print. It’s a tried and true paradigm for a reporter to get to the heart of a story and make sure their bases are covered. As a player in a competitive field, the last thing a journalist wants is to forget to ask something important, only to find that a reporter at another paper got the scoop.

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Top 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Webinars


In today’s world the internet is one of the main modes of communication. From social media accounts to school projects and even business deals, the web plays a major role in connecting people, relaying information, and swapping messages. Webinars are just another way the internet is being utilized to connect people in ways that were impossible just decades ago. Read more