Marketing and IT: a Natural Fit?

Marketing professionals are becoming leaders in the IT world, largely due to necessity.  With new technologies coming out every day to make brands more engaged with their customers, marketing departments are increasingly involved in making decisions about technology purchases.  The IT department is no longer solely responsible – according to 2012 data from market research firm Gartner, Inc., marketing departments independently make about half of the IT purchases related to marketing. Read more

Beyond the Packaging, Boost Your Presentation

As you begin to put together your own webinar there are some simple way s that you can boost your level of professionalism without having to necessarily shell out all the dough just to look good. After all, many of us are well aware that it takes more than shiny packaging to simply keep a product afloat. It takes a certain amount of charisma, but more importantly it takes a skillful dedication and mastery of your subject matter to ascertain that you truly are an expert in your field. Read more

Be Your Own Editor

Before you make the step into producing your own series of webinars the process requires that you examine yourself from the inside out. Taking that objective, critical approach to our self is not something that most of find enjoyable, and honestly it can be completely frightening. Sometimes when you take a step back from that baby of a project you’ve been working on, the thing you see before you just isn’t quite what you had in mind. The cold hard truth is that exact feeling of failure accompanies most of us. The secret lies in being able to overcome little roadblock and keep the caravan moving forward.  Read more

A Place for Everyone at the Table

When we are videoconferencing one of the most regular things that can inevitably happen is the horrifying moment when you’ve been stuck hanging in freeze frame and not because of a bad internet connection. Sure those moments definitely can happen when the Wi-Fi goes whack and is on the fritz but what we’re talking about here is avoiding those other unwanted moments of downtime. The ones where instead of thinking about the topic at hand you find your mind drifting to whether or not you remembered to let the dog out and if you turned the coffee pot off before you set down in front of your desk.  Read more

DIY? No, Thank You.

Building Your Own Webinar sounds like a great adventure. You get to construct everything yourself from the floor up. What better way to develop your brand than to have total control over it? For some people, and depending on the platform you use, the development of your webinar might not seem as tricky as you think, but there are underlying things that need to go into account when you are considering taking complete project management duties upon yourself with your presentation.  Read more

When Good Ideas Die

We’ve all had those moments where you develop and storyboard an idea only to get to the end of your outline and realize that everything falls flat to the floor. And when it does, it usually lands with such a square and resounding thud, that the realization resonates that we couldn’t have been any further off target than where we were trying to head with a project. The good news is that now that you realize something isn’t going to work, you can begin to really sculpt out the path that you were aiming for. Odds are everything doesn’t need to be scrapped. Read more

Avoid First Time Videoconferencing Jitters

So you’ve just received an email announcing that you’ve been invited to a company videoconference. Congratulations, first off. You can usually get the opportunity to work closely with individuals that may otherwise be too busy to take the time to travel between companies. But what are you supposed to do if you are completely and horribly camera shy? Or what if you don’t know how to work the webcam or setup your account for the conference? What should you even wear?

Read more