Build Your Reputation as an Authority Using Webinars

In December, a few great thinkers will win the Nobel Prize. They’ll receive money, fame, and prestige. But what they really win is authority (if a Nobel Prize winner says something, you’re gonna listen, right?) Maybe you weren’t nominated for the prize (me neither, a bit disappointed) but you can win enough authority to make your prospects take you seriously. Here’s how . . . Read more

Guest Post: Distance Learning – Maximizing the Online Potential

Videoconferencing provides huge potential for the emerging distance learning market. According to Ginger Lewman in her interview with Mashable, “[Videoconferencing has been used] as an essential learning opportunity for the past four years.  We’ve been connecting with students across the U.S. and the world to bring religion, geography, history and service learning to vibrant life.Read more