The One Question to Ask When Choosing a Webinar Solution


Today, companies large and small are adding webinars to their business strategies to reach bigger audiences. Hence the abundance of webinar platform providers outbidding each other in their promises to prospective customers.

As a result, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose the right provider. What to look for? What qualities should you take into consideration? How to find your way through the marketing jungle?

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5 Problems That Derail Videoconferencing Adoption

2016.08.26 - 5 Problems That Derail Videoconferencing Adoption 2

Here at ClickMeeting, we’re obviously big advocates of adopting videoconferencing. It’s a must-have communication strategy in the business world and beyond. However, jumping on board with videoconferencing isn’t something you can do without a good bit of planning and culture change in the office. It takes more than simply a great videoconferencing platform to make it catch on (although that’s a good start!)

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How To Use A Blog To Grow Your Webinar Audience

2016.08.23 - How To Use A Blog To Grow Your Webinar Audience 3

One of the worst fears for anyone who is thinking about using webinars for content marketing is the fear that no one will turn up for it. Alternatively, maybe you already use webinars to market your product but want to grow your webinar audience. Chances are that you are already using a powerful tool, which can help to boost your webinar audience. The tool is your blog.

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Using Visual Interest To Create A Dynamite Webinar

2016.08.19 - Using Visual Interest To Create A Dynamite Webinar 4

There’s an adage that “a picture can paint 1,000 words.” It’s a known fact that the human mind can process much more information when it’s presented in a visual manner. That means that the key to having a dynamite webinar is to use engaging and eye-catching visuals in your presentation. In fact, using great visuals is one of the most important aspects of your webinar.

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3 New Enhancements That Give ClickMeeting Webinars Greater Flexibility


At ClickMeeting, we love our customers. One of the ways we show it is by continually improving the functionality of our product. We want to make sure your webinars are easy to host, and that your productivity climbs. Today, we’re excited to announce three important enhancements: flexible pricing, a simplified event creation process, and three cool new features. Here’s why we’re introducing these important changes and what they mean to you.

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Meeting The Needs Of A Virtual Audience

2016.08.05 - Meeting The Needs Of A Virtual Audience

Webinars are fantastic tools that every marketer should take advantage of. Webinars give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience, engage with your customers on a personal level, and save a lot of time and money. However, hosting a virtual presentation has it challenges and it can be difficult to meet the need of a virtual audience.

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Videoconference Room

2016.07.26 - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the Videoconference Room 1

The concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasingly being implemented in workplaces both great and small. With BYOD, employees are allowed to bring their personal devices – phones, tablets, computers – to the workplace and use them to access company information and applications. The benefit is that employees can personalize their devices and feel more comfortable using them, as well as access personal data when they need it without having to switch between devices. This flexibility increases morale and convenience.

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