Be Your Own Best Critic – The Art of Self-Criticism


The ability to see one’s own flaws and work at improving them is a quality shared by the most successful people.  A healthy dose of self-criticism keeps your feet grounded and gives you the power to make positive changes through honest observation of your own performance.  Too much self-criticism, on the other hand, can be damaging to self-esteem and cause anxiety and depression.  Read more

Why Big Companies Use Webinars To Increase Brand Awareness


You’re a big company looking to increase your sales and profit. Your product is sound, reasonably priced, and useful. The only obstacle standing in the way of your company? Lack of brand awareness among the general public. However, there is a way to increase your brand awareness quickly and easily in order to benefit your business. It isn’t rocket science, either. Rather, it’s webinars.  Read more

Blogging Versus Webinar Presentations To Connect With An Online Audience


The growing popularity and accessibility of the Internet has changed the landscape of our communication practices. Direct interpersonal communication that connect a presenters to their audience used to be within the ambit of face-to-face meetings. In this day and age, however, an increasing number of people are able to present ideas, communicate thoughts and connect with their audience through web-based communication.

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It’s All in What You Don’t Say: Improving Your Nonverbal Communication


The message you deliver in your presentation is what your audience will take home with them: It contains the key points and information that you want them to know and be able to use. Effective verbal communication, including your tone of voice and how you say things, gets your point across. This is the part that we tend to spend the most time preparing. Yet it only constitutes roughly 7 percent of your total communication during the presentation.

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Four Biggest Misconceptions About Web Conferencing


The web conferencing revolution is well under way: millions of people are using video chat instead of phone conference calls or face-to-face meetings to deliver important business information with a national and global reach. Yet some are still unsure about the concept. If you count yourself among the skeptics, you may have your good reasons. However, if it’s one of these four big misconceptions about web conferencing, you may be missing out on a great opportunity for your business.

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Audio Conference Call ADD – Is It Normal?


Sitting in front of your computer listening in on a virtual conference call, you may not be able to help taking a glance at your e-mail. Then minutes later you might find yourself zoning out thinking about what you’ll have for lunch later. And before the 30-minute call is up, you’ve found yourself dozing off. These ADD-like behaviors would never manifest themselves in an in-person meeting or even a web conference with video (at least for those of us with manners) – so why do little distractions seem to happen more frequently during conference calls that are voice-only?

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Be in Accordance Before You Record: Recording Consent Laws


Webinars and web conferences only happen once, and may contain important information you want to hold on to for later. That’s why so many web conferencing software platforms have the capability to record. While it may seem like no big deal, it is essential to get permission from those you are conferencing with in accordance with the recording consent laws of your state/country. Read more