Stay Crisp, Clear, and Direct to Nail Your Client

That moment before you are getting ready to present your sales pitch over videoconference can be one of the most nerve-wracking moments in the cycle of your business plan. So much seems to depend on this one moment, and truly, it does. Keeping things focused and your presentation rolled up tight will help you, but if you’re like most of us, that moment right before hand can leave the brain feeling scattered and your nerves frayed. Here are some tips to help you on your way.  Read more

Brainstorming: Control Freak Seeks Creative Dreamers

If you’re a control freak, the very word “brainstorming” strikes fear in your heart. It’s got that dreadful word in it — “storm” — the very apotheosis of loss of control. And yet, you need creative ideas, right? Can you lead brainstorming sessions without driving yourself nuts? You can if you follow a few simple guidelines. Your creative partners will be amazed at your brainstorming chops… Read more