Box? What box? Stepping outside of the Monitor

Thinking outside of the box is such a typical cliché that we all apply from time to time when faced with the need to revamp our business model. So if you are in a box, and you know it, then that is the first step: Getting over the denial, so to speak. The smart thing about this realization is that now you can start to look around at a sea of opportunities for you to stand out against the rest and make a strategic plan to establish yourself, your business model, and your product as the investment that you know is already worth the time. By combining webinars, videoconferencing, and a few in-person tactics you can completely shatter the box.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: 5 Steps to Improving Information Delivery in a Webinar

Webinars average about an hour in length. The average attention span is 8 seconds. When you deliver a webinar, you are racing against time in two dimensions: the amount of time you have to present, and the amount of time you’ll have your audience’s attention. There is no time to waste with superfluous slides and discussions. Effectively delivering the information you want to get across is your #1 objective as a presenter.

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Your Presentation, The Movie: Turning a Recording into a Blockbuster Hit

Lights, camera, action! Recording a version of your presentation can draw Internet attention to what you have to say and reach many more people than a face-to-face talk.  But on the Web, anyone can be a star.  There is plenty of other content to compete for your audience’s attention.  How can you maximize the time they spend watching your recorded presentation?

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How A Webinar Can Facilitate You To Establish Expertise And Become An Influencer In Your Industry

There’s always something about expertise that commands a stream of followers and loyal patrons. In whichever industry, the market is almost always captured by those who are considered experts in their respective fields. People want to deal with experts when they are looking for the best person or company to do business with. They are willing to listen and partner with persons or entities that exhibit a fair share of expertise. People are looking for who to trust, and expertise, both perceived and realized, is an important cornerstone in building that trust.

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Finding the Voice of Your Webinar

063Just like the perfect soundtrack to your life, your webinar should have one too. At least in the sense that it should have that same sort of appeal that music has on us. You want your webinar to be one of those things that when people purchase it, they want to come back to it over and over again. You know this though. But bridging the gap between wanting to create a video people will learn and grow from each time to being able to actually build it, isn’t as simple as following a formula.

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Constructive Criticism Without Insult

Productive Criticism Techniques are important when evaluating team member’s performance. On the one side you want to make sure that you are getting work done in the most productive means possible, and on the other there is the need to make sure that you don’t end up offending somebody with harsh criticism. The criticism may be important and vital to advancing the project and propelling the team forward, and for that reason it is a complete necessity to be sure that the review runs as efficient as possible.

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How to Use Webinars for IT Departments

Nobody knows the importance of managing information systematically in an environment of rapidly advancing technology better than IT professionals. Today’s latest and most advanced system may be tomorrow’s bag of old clothes. Constant development and up-to-date information exchange are thus an IT professional’s tools of the trade. Evolution is the fire that IT professionals breathe, and in this constantly evolving world, it’s always a challenge to keep up with the latest in technological development and successful information management. Read more

Tips for Virtual Interviews That Will Virtually Get You the Job

Congratulations – you got the interview!  As the company you want to work for is forward-thinking and tech-minded, they may want to do your interview on a videoconferencing platform.  For many businesses, this is now the preferred way to go about it.  The number of applicants for every job being filled has been rising since the recession.  A virtual interview lets them learn more about each candidate than a telephone interview would allow, before bringing them in for the real deal. Read more