6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Distance Learning

For many people, distance learning is less effective, attractive and innovative and brings less value to its users than traditional education. If you are among those underestimating distance learning and unaware of benefits it can offer, we will do our best to convince you it’s high time you changed your mind.


1. One can get a university degree after completing an online course

Distance learning can be associated with open online platforms where you can buy a drawing course, learn how to retouch photos in Photoshop or how to develop a website. Did you know, however, that you can study online at a university and after you have completed a course similar to the one students attend on campus you can obtain a university diploma?

So, whenever you feel like studying in the USA but live in Europe and cannot relocate, don’t lose hope. You can look for a university that offers online education, choose a course that interests you and study online from wherever you want.


2. Students can keep on studying while travelling around the world

Even if it may be difficult for some people to travel to the other end of the world to study, most of today’s young people are not really attached to one place for a longer period of time. Many of them are the so-called digital nomads, always ready to travel to get a new job or start a new project. At the same time, they are eager to learn new things and gain new skills. Also, they never leave their mobile devices and use it both for work and play.

Can there be a better solution for such a dynamic audience willing to get an education but unwilling to stay in one place than distance learning? Online courses can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world on condition that there is an Internet connection available.


3. Universities can attract students from many different locations

Educational institutions can also greatly benefit from the fact that they offer online courses. They can promote their programmes worldwide and offer their course portfolio to a much wider audience than schools and universities that stick to the traditional teaching methods.

As a result, thanks to the fact they are available for people who cannot or don’t want to come to study on campus, they win much more students. Also, they boost their brand image worldwide.


4. Companies can use distance learning for internal purposes

Companies shouldn’t underestimate the profits they can get from distance learning, either. Both e-learning and online course platforms enable employers to provide their employees with training regardless of how large their teams are and where team members are based at the moment.

Thanks to distance learning tools such as e.g. webinars, companies can also keep in touch within global networks they belong to and communicate with branches all over the world.


5. Studying online can be as engaging as traditional education

There are a number of tools that make online learning interactive and engaging, both for students and for teachers.

A number of solutions that let course authors design and prepare graphics, video, presentations, etc. are available online for free or at an affordable cost. As a result, attractive educational resources can be created and then offered as part of online training, e-learning courses or webinar series.

Speaking of webinars, did you know they offer a variety of features that enhance online students’ experience and make their education more engaging? A live chat lets them have a real-time conversation with their teacher, and thanks to the camera and the microphone they can see and hear the presenter, which makes their communication much more effective. They can ask a question and immediately get an answer, see the teacher’s screen thanks to the screen-sharing feature and see them write and draw on the whiteboard.


6. Distance learning draws upon the latest technology trends

Distance education is very much technology driven, which makes it attractive and appealing for learners. According to eLearning Industry, some of the already known trends will become even stronger in the upcoming year. Let’s look at two of them – microlearning and gamification.

Today’s students who are always on the go and treat their mobile devices as the primary source of knowledge, need to be provided with small learning modules they can easily “process” while on a bus, waiting for friends or having a lunch break. In distance learning, these can e.g. be short video footages – tutorials, experts’ tips and tricks or “How to…” guides – that users can watch on their smartphones.

Learning is always more attractive when there is a play factor included. Game-based online learning can be successfully used e.g. by companies looking for ways to make regular employee training less tedious and more engaging.



We hope that having presented at least some of the benefits distance learning brings we’ve managed to convince you that this popular method of gaining knowledge and new skills should not be underestimated nowadays.

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