Spreading Ideas That Change The World With Webinars

Great ideas are worth spreading and good causes are worth fighting for. What do you need to encourage others to support an initiative you believe in? Make sure you have plenty of arguments up your sleeve, work on your persuasion skills and take advantage of tools that help you communicate your message to the largest audience possible. Such as webinars. Let’s check why webinars are a perfect choice for activists of all kind and what purposes you can use them for.


Why are webinars a great tool to make ideas spread?

With global reach webinars have, you can communicate your message literally across the world, time and cost-effectively. If you have access to a webinar platform and both you and your audience are connected to the Internet, you can have an online event whenever you want, no matter how far you are from each other.

A conversation is a much easier and more effective way of getting your message across to your audience than sending emails or posting on Facebook or Twitter. During a webinar, attendees can see and hear you all the time and you can read their comments on chat. You can respond immediately, clear doubts and correct misunderstandings to avoid criticism or objection to the idea you want to spread. You have presentation slides to present key points while you speak, whiteboards to sketch and draw things to make them easier to understand and real-time surveys to learn your audiences’ opinion on the topic you cover.

Since you know your webinar attendees’ email addresses, you can stay in contact with them even after the event is over. You can send them regular updates, encourage them to further spread the idea you have presented and invite them to your future online events.


What goals can you reach with webinars?

As a person eager to spread worthwhile ideas and promoting a good cause, with webinars you can fulfil various purposes.

If you need money for your cause you can make your webinar or webinar series part of a fundraising campaign. Just make sure you prepare a great pitch, reach out to the audience that is most likely to be interested in supporting you financially and invite them to your online event.

You can invite your audience to a webinar in which you convince them to make a new habit, give up an old one, change a perception of something or adopt a new mindset to improve quality of their lives, help the environment, etc. That’s what the author of this webinar series does, encouraging her audience to go vegan.

Sometimes you need people’s active support, e.g. you want them to sign a petition. You can run a webinar to present strong arguments for joining the ones who have already done it and urge your attendees to take immediate action, too.

Organizations that work towards solving problems societies struggle with can invite anyone interested in their actions to a webinar series in which they explain the reasons why certain problems occur and present the solutions they provide. Just like WWF in their series on tech solutions that protect wildlife.

There are dramatic and often unresolved issues most people may be unaware of. For instance, organizations like Amnesty International that speak for those whose rights are violated can make their problems known to a wider audience with webinars like this one.

With webinars, you can also share knowledge with communities looking for support in dealing with various problems they face. That’s what e.g. animal welfare foundations such as Louisiana SPCA do to help local communities take actions and implement plans to keep animals safe and healthy and prevent overpopulation.



To spread worthwhile ideas you need strong arguments, good presentation skills and useful tools that will help you communicate your message. Use webinars to get it across to a global audience and make a difference.

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