ClickMeeting Video Tutorials: How to Start Your Webinar Marketing

Creating high-quality online video content is now more critical than ever. With the world’s recent massive shift towards working from home and using online tools, webinar marketing has come to rise.


How do you create webinars that engage crowds, let you share your knowledge, and monetize it?

We’ve teamed up with Owen Video and prepared a foolproof series of 10 video tutorials for webinar organizers. Tune in for tips on growing with video marketing!


10 videos to perfect your webinar game

In our ultimate series of 10 video tutorials, you will learn all about preparing, running, and profiting from webinars.

Create your online training sessions, video tutorials, or sales demos. The only thing stopping you is your imagination.

Here’s what you’ll learn from our video series:

  • Scheduling and preparing your first webinar;
  • Finding the best software for small businesses;
  • Hosting webinars like a pro;
  • Generating and qualifying leads using webinars;
  • Streaming to Facebook or YouTube;
  • Monetizing your knowledge with paid webinars;
  • Differentiating automated and live webinars;
  • Using automated webinars to grow your business.

Which of these things do you find the most useful? Comment below!


Webinar marketing – tutorial for beginners 2020

In the first video, Owen will show you how to run your first webinar and what steps you need to take to create engaging content that gives you profit, starting from day one.

  • Schedule your first online event;
  • Customize your webinar room;
  • Use the ClickMeeting platform’s features to your advantage.

Tune in and watch the complete tutorial on how you can start with webinar marketing right away.



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