One way that you can increase the size of your audience for your next webinar is to promote it on social media. Of course, the success of a webinar is defined by a number of leads it is able to generate. However, statistics show that the larger your audience the more chance you have of generating leads.

Hosting a webinar could be likened to shouting for help in a forest. You could put a lot of effort into shouting, but if there is no one to hear you, it doesn’t matter how loud you shout, it will not make any difference.

For your webinar to be successful, people need to hear you and see your product in action. Social media is now one of the most effective ways of reaching a large audience.


Here are the best tips for using social media to promote your webinar.


Get Compelling Visuals

One of the best ways to build excitement on social media is to source compelling images and visuals to use on social media.

To do this you have to think more than just having a series of slides with bulleted points. Each image you use should visually emphasize the main point you are trying to make.

This means that it is best to stay away from images, which can cheapen your webinar. So, avoid using images of smiling people with white teeth, close-ups of handshakes, or similar images. Those are seen and used too often and will not stand out.

Of course, you could use slides with bulleted points or with handshakes during your webinar presentation, but not to promote your webinar on social media.


Use Slides as Images

The next step is to choose the slides with your compelling visuals that stand out alone, away from the context of your webinar.

The best kinds of slides are ones that have charts, catchy phrases, quotes, or a short message. When you have selected these, you can now start posting them on social media with links back to your registration page.


Make a GIF

One of the nice aspects of social media news feeds is that they show GIFs. So, try to use your imagination to make a short GIF. It could be a short collection of your most interesting slides from your webinar. Or, you could create a GIF with a moving element from your company’s logo.

Videos and moving pictures are one of the most effective ways of catching people’s attention.


Make a Short Video

Both Facebook and Twitter news feed pages will auto-play videos that have been uploaded. So, why not create a short video promoting your webinar. You could include some slides from your webinar and explain the value your attendees will get from attending the webinar.

Videos are one of the best ways to promote your webinar on social media.


Leverage Social Media

Now you should have a nice collection of visuals, which you can use effectively to promote your webinar on social media. You already know that you can upload these to your social media new feed page.


Here are the best tips to suing social media to promote your webinar.


Blog about your Webinar

Blogs are great ways to promote your webinar because you can leverage them to generate more visitors to your site from social media if you post links to your blog.
For example, many marketers successfully use LinkedIn to write blogs and generate more interest in their webinar.


Upload your Videos and GIFs

Of course, you can upload your videos and GIFs to Facebook and Twitter, but don’t forget the other video sharing channels. These can help to get your message out there and to reach a wider audience.

So, upload your videos to sites like YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Know Your Channels

It is also good to remember that not all social media channels work the same for every audience and product. For example, it is usually better to use LinkedIn if you are a B2B marketer rather than Facebook.

However, don’t fall into the trap of just concentrating on one social media channel. You should use as many as you can but concentrate on the ones that are most effective for your audience and product.


Interact with Your Audience

To use social media to promote your webinar you should also engage with your audience beforehand. So, you could post relevant questions about issues that are connected with your webinar.

This can provide you with valuable insight into the needs of your audience. It can also help you create webinars which are tailored to the needs of your audience.


Use Relevant Hashtags

Picking the right hashtag is essential to increase engagement for your webinar. So, look for an industry-relevant hashtag that you can use.

Though you should always use hashtags carefully. In this respect, more isn’t better. In fact, statistics show the even using more than one hashtag can negatively impact your audience’s engagement.

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