Build Your Reputation as an Authority Using Webinars

In December, a few great thinkers will win the Nobel Prize. They’ll receive money, fame, and prestige. But what they really win is authority (if a Nobel Prize winner says something, you’re gonna listen, right?) Maybe you weren’t nominated for...

/ December 3, 2013

ClickMeeting Apps for iPhone and Android Are Here!

We’ve been working on our new apps for iPhone and Android for quite a while. The challenges were daunting, but we’re pleased with how they turned out. Are you ready to give them a whirl? This post will help you...

/ November 25, 2013

Expand Your Business with High-Value Webinars

Some of the smartest Internet marketers in the world use webinars as a prospecting tool. Why? Because webinars have a high perceived value. Here’s a handful of ideas for using webinars to attract unlimited new prospects.

/ November 6, 2013
customer service

ClickMeeting Turns Good Customers into Great Ones

Imagine how great it would be if your business had nothing but loyal customers. No more prospecting and striving to please strangers. A neighborhood business has a tremendous advantage — a local community filled with loyal patrons. But online businesses...

/ October 10, 2013

Plan Your Next Videoconference in 10 Minutes or Less

Quick question about your next online meeting: why are you having it? If you don’t have a good answer to that question (and a few others) don’t despair. Inside is a handy checklist to make your meeting worthwhile. 

/ September 25, 2013

How to Handle a Videoconference “Meeting Grouch”

A videoconference is a scary place to pass the camera and mic. You never know when a “meeting grouch” might appear — like a storm cloud ready to rain on everybody’s parade. But all is not lost! Here’s how to...

/ September 12, 2013

Tricks and Tips for Organizing Your Webinar Content

You may be so filled with great information that you’re about to burst. In your enthusiasm, you could leave your webinar audience far behind: confused . . . unengaged . . . lost. But don’t despair, let’s get your great...

/ August 1, 2013

New ClickMeeting Video: Cool Stats About YOU

During a webinar with prospects or partners, did you ever wonder how many others are running a webinar at the same time? The answer may astound you! 

/ July 16, 2013

7 Tips for a More “Sociable” Webinar

Want your webinar to stand out in the crowd? It’s easy to add the human touch — and fun. Why is that important? It helps your audience feel special and helps you deliver your content enjoyably. Of course, you’ll want...

/ July 3, 2013

3-Step Webinar Money-Maker for Service Providers

The simplicity of this technique makes it one we wanted to share with our readers. Designed for service providers, it requires very little extra preparation. Here are the easy steps . . .

/ June 21, 2013