Webinars and online meetings are an integral part of business today. Especially at a time when they became the only way to virtually meet face-to-face with customers, teams, or training participants.

Effective online communication that stands out on the market is also one of the fundamental factors of business growth. Here are examples of solutions that our business customers are successfully using to build product branding with the help of remote communication.

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No business without online meetings

Nowadays, remote communication is no longer just video conferencing with customers from all over the world. Due to the pandemic, a lot of companies have been forced to use online communication regularly to a much greater extent, regardless of the distance between the teams or customers. When we cannot afford in-person contact, we have to tackle it with technology. And this, fortunately, is widely available and constantly developing.

Webinars are being reached for by experts in many industries, as demonstrated by our latest State of Online Events report.

Companies today use remote communication for a myriad of purposes, such as:

  • internal communication within the company;
  • coordination of distributed teams;
  • management meetings;
  • management communication with employees;
  • marketing and sales webinars;
  • internal and external trainings and workshops;
  • active online sales;
  • and HR activities based on remote communication.

With remote communication being so important, it is crucial to conduct it in an effective and planned manner with the help of verified technologies and trusted providers. Only then can it become an effective tool for business development and brand building, and even stand out from the competition.

Therefore, following the market and analyzing the suggestions of our long-term customers, ClickMeeting provides many services whose main goal is to obtain the highest possible attendance at webinars, provide flexibility in planning a marketing strategy, or gain a competitive advantage on the market.

What are Webinar & Online Meetings Custom Services all about?

ClickMeeting Custom Services accounts are a dedicated offer that combines account personalization and increased attendee limits, bigger (than the standard) recording and file storage space within the account, along with personalized technical and substantive support

We also offer private and white label solutions. It is possible to prepare for you a customized platform for webinars and online meetings without any ClickMeeting labels.

If you organize conferences, run an agency that offers webinars to your customers, or simply need more advanced features related to online communication and webinars, check out our Custom Services offer.

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Custom Services for ClickMeeting’s business customers

Anyone can host an online meeting or webinar using ClickMeeting. However, for large companies with enormous needs in this area, we have prepared an offer that will meet them all on a larger scale.

Below are some examples of solutions that ClickMeeting’s business customers are already successfully using.


Full Customization

You can personalize and brand your ClickMeeting account according to your own visual identity. This service allows you to turn off ClickMeeting’s branding and upload your own background picture that will be displayed in the event room.

In practice, this means preparing your own personalized conference room where you can meet with potential customers or team, building a strong brand image.


Webcasts to 10,000 people

These days, organizing even huge online summits and reaching a wide audience is much easier – especially when you work with an expert who has the equipment and will support you technically and substantively.

ClickMeeting enables organizing online events for up to 10,000 people. These kinds of events are hosted on dedicated servers under the wings of an Account Manager who will make sure they run smoothly and provide the proper support if needed.


Live streaming of conferences and other online & hybrid events

We offer Live Streaming Services for customers who organize virtual summits and want to broadcast them in HD quality.

It is an on-demand feature that allows conference hosts to stream them live using multiple cameras. ClickMeeting takes care of the infrastructure and operational part of the event, making sure it runs without a hitch.


Private Label/White Label Services

It’s an advanced way of working with our customers to fully brand ClickMeeting’s services and embed them on the customer’s domain. This allows our customers to:

  • host webinars with their own URL address,
  • activate any number of ClickMeeting accounts, using their own administrative panel and payment system,
  • benefit from the full event room branding and individual account settings.


This is a great solution for agencies, distributors, and other companies willing to share webinars with their customers and organize virtual summits and conferences under their own brand.

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Direct support from your partner

ClickMeeting is as easy as child’s play. It makes organizing events and joining them truly intuitive. But we’re committed to making sure you can fully focus on what you do best. That’s why we provide a dedicated account manager and technical department to make sure you feel comfortable and your events run smoothly. You can count on:

  • support of an Account Manager who stays in touch with the customers and helps them in case of technical and logistic challenges and supports them with subject matter expertise in organizing webinars and online events,

  • comprehensive online training, concerning functions of the platform, tailored to the customer’s individual needs,

  • webinar technical support during which ClickMeeting’s team will supervise the event and react immediately if necessary.

Our customers’ testimonials are the best recommendation

We support thousands of businesses and educational organizations around the world. See how they benefit from ClickMeeting.

The virtual 3-day conference we conducted last week exceeded our expectations by having 1,800 attendees! We had 100+ sessions with 12 breakout time slots with 8 concurrent (parallel) sessions. Each of the sessions had at least one speaker, a producer, and an emcee. There were many hands on each one of the 100+ ClickMeeting sessions. Plus, our 3 bigger sessions had 800-1,200 attendees each.I am crazy relieved and excited to say that ClickMeeting KILLED IT! Your platform and integration with PheedLoop was the perfect fit for us. Thank you for the pre-event support you provided. Tons of kudos to the ClickMeeting team for building a platform that speakers, attendees, and staff all loved. 10 out of 10 stars!

Tom Schenk, IT Director – American Camp Association

I still love to meet people in real, but ClickMeeting is the next best thing if physical meetings are not possible or too expensive.
I did seminars for 20 years. With webinars I have now the possibility to reach more participants and have less travel time and costs at the same time.

Martin Nitsche, CEO&Founder – Solveta GmbH

All of our webinars’ attendees are happy with the platform. We appreciate the constant improvements of the software (e.g., using handheld devices) that make using the platform easier. We especially love the interactive features such as the Q&A Mode, which are very useful during our meetings.

Sophie Wilson, President of ELSA Germany


It was important for us to make the registration process and participation in our online conferences as easy as possible for our target group. Through our digital events, we were able to gain more reach and generate many new contacts and leads in 2021. We were also able to transfer our panel discussions very well into the digital space with the help of ClickMeeting. For 2022, we plan to implement the first hybrid events with the help of the tool.


Melanie Abmeier, August-Wilhelm Scheer Institut

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