Why should you consider hosting webinars as part of your employer branding strategy? Employer branding webinars are a great way to communicate your employer value proposition and inform of the job opportunities within your organization. From this post, you will learn which employer branding activities you can support with webinars and what kind of webinars your audience will be interested in.

How can a company and its prospective employees benefit from webinars?

  • You can reach out to your target audience – people looking for job opportunities on platforms such as Reed.co.uk, Pracuj.pl or LinkedIn, as well as the ones who are interested in your company and have already visited the “About Us” page on your website. You can encourage them to attend a webinar held e.g. once a month. In this way, you weed out those who are not really willing to join your team. At the same time, you add potential candidates’ emails to your list.
  • You can present your company from several different perspectives. You can host different webinars for prospective members of your marketing team and for developers who want to join your IT department. No matter what kind of job attendees are interested in, thanks to webinars they can really “feel” the atmosphere of the company. That’s an advantage no traditional job offer, ad or corporate video can give.
  • People from different departments can be co-presenters. This will let prospective employees experience the human face of your business. Next time they hear the name of your company it will remind them of real people, not only a logo.
  • Webinars are, by definition, interactive so you can use multimedia resources to engage your audience. Conduct polls e.g. to learn what would make them apply for a job at your company. You can also answer their questions on chat or during a Q&A session.
  • You can record your webinars and upload them to your website. You can share full-time recordings to let prospective employees access them any time they are looking for information about your company. You can also use fragments as teasers to promote your upcoming online events.

What kind of webinars can you create?

In webinars for prospective employees you can:

  • Present your company, as if you were inviting your audience to open days online. You can run different webinars for people who are looking for new job opportunities and for those interested e.g. in an internship.
  • Present selected departments or teams. A member of a team can be a co-presenter to share their experience and talk about benefits prospective employees can get when they join.
  • Encourage a long-time employee to share details of their career at your company, from the very beginning to the point they are currently at. In this way, you can show the benefits of joining your team from an individual perspective.
  • Ask a person holding a position at your company, e.g. a web developer, to talk about their ordinary day at the office in order to let attendees know what their work in this particular job will look like.
  • Discuss methods you use in your business and rules you stick to. For instance, if your company has adopted Scrum, a Scrum Master can run a webinar to introduce attendees to the basic principles of Scrum and talk about benefits it gives.
  • Present activities your employees can engage in after hours – sports events your company organizes for them, the team’s nights out, trips, etc.


Webinars are a great tool human resources specialists can use in their employer branding activities. They can help you attract valuable job candidates instead of sending them to competitors.

Of course, webinars are not a silver bullet. They should be an integral part of all your employer branding activities but benefits you and your audience will draw from well-prepared webinars are numerous. You can present your company from various perspectives to attract people looking for different job opportunities. You show the human face of your business and you get a chance of standing apart from your competitors who still rely on traditional job offers.

So make sure you have your first webinar ready next time a job opportunity opens at your company.

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Posted by Agnes Jozwiak

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