[Webinar highlights] Automated Sales Webinars that Close Customers FAST!

There was a strong reason behind the decision to team up with Owen Video for the second time. If you need an expert on sales webinars, Owen is the guy. Our online event was a smashing success and, in this post, we’re highlighting the most important bits plus answering some of the most asked questions.


Owen is the founder of TheVideoMarketingSchool.com, where business owners and marketers learn the art of science of online video. Our latest webinar with him has covered the ClickMeeting webinar automation features A to Z.

The participants, along with Owen, walked through each step of setting up an automated webinar that sells your product! Our concept of webinar cycle revealed its advantages in practice.

During the online event, we proved that automated and on-demand webinars, while using webinar cycle, can be done in just a few minutes.

All ready and set to serve their purpose.


Creating automated webinars in less than 20 minutes

Here’s a short recap of our webinar for you!

Among webinars that perform best you can find:

  • Lead generation
  • Product demos
  • Software demos
  • Online courses

And guess what? All of those can be automated in less than 20 minutes! The work you’ll need to do beforehand is easy – record your live webinar where you teach, sell, or train.

This recording can later be used to create an automated webinar. From here you can add extra videos, presentations, CTA buttons and more.

Creating content is only the first step. To spin the webinar cycle, ClickMeeting account panel leads you to reminders and follow-up features. Those automated messages will first remind your registrants about the upcoming event and send them later relevant additional content.

It can be anything you want – a PDF with key outtakes from the webinar, link to a landing page of your choice, or invitation to another webinar. This is an easy way to give even more value to the attendees with little effort. You simply let the automation do its magic.

If you would like to see how Owen did it and what other automation features he used, watch the recording here.


Q&A session – webinar cycle questions answered


1. Do I need to set a time zone for my automated webinars?

Yes. Always double-check what time your automated webinar is going to start. It is especially important when you’re scheduling webinars to run in a different time zone than yours. For example, you are setting up an automated event to run in the US, but you are based in the UK. Make sure your US viewers are available at that time – if they’re not working or sleeping.


2. Can I enable a chat window during an Automated Webinar?

Yes, you can enable or disable the chat during the Automated Webinar while scheduling the event. You can choose to have no chat at all or enable a moderated chat where you are only answering the participants’ questions, and the webinar content runs smoothly without your engagement. There’s also an option for participants to send their questions, and you can answer them all later at a more convenient time.


3. Can I set the automated event where participants pay to get access?

Yes, of course! You can set up the automated webinars as paid events and charge the participants for attendance at your event. You only need to integrate with your PayPal account and choose the “Paid” option when setting up the event.


If you have more questions regarding webinar cycle, leave them in the comment section below and we’ll answer them for you!

We would like to thank everyone who joined the webinar. If you couldn’t make it this time, see the recording and dive into the amazing opportunities behind automated and on-demand webinars.

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