Webinars are one of the tools most used by people and brands in the personal marketing niche. Webinar platforms have video and audio tools, analytics dashboards, and advanced presentation features. Entrepreneurs use webinars in many ways to strengthen their following. Here’s why you might see webinars trending in 2019 and how you can start using them today to skyrocket your professional and personal online presence.


How to Use Webinars for Your Personal Brand

Video marketing and virtual lectures are both popular tools for businesses. Especially ones looking to make a name for themselves on social media. If you decide to use webinars, you’ll have to be strategic in your approach. Here is how to be purposeful when creating a personal brand through webinars:

  • Self-promotion. First, use webinars to promote your digital products by building great content. Send invitations to key followers and influences who align with your brand values. And don’t forget to promote your webinars in channels where your audience can find them.
  • Personal branding. Create webinar topics and themes around the most popular questions within your niche. You can even use tools like live polling during the stream to gather opinions. Find out what your audience likes and get suggestions for future content.
  • Build audience interest. The more content you have the more likely people will find and subscribe to your channels. Diversifying your lessons to include webinars extends your reach and visibility.

Once you’ve covered these basics, you’ll be ready to tackle these next suggestions and tactics.



3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Personal Brand Webinars

When it comes to webinars, knowing your audience is key. Most personal brands should include lessons on topics like life-hacking, motivation, and lifestyle. But, depending on the demands and interests of your viewers, you should also branch out. Add niche interest topics to your offerings.

  • Promote training topics.

A lot of personal brands will tell their fan base what they should do but not how they should do it. That’s where you come in. Webinars provide tools like whiteboards, screen sharing, and document storage. So your webinar content will teach your audience the skills they need to emulate your vision.

  • Solidify expert status.

Almost anyone can say they’re an expert but very few personal brands actually have the content to back it up. Webinars offer proof that you know what you’re talking about and that it actually works. When choosing topics, note what questions pop up in the Q&A or chat sessions. Use those to create future webinars.

  • Measure and track your success.

Once you get in the habit of doing webinars, you’ll want to set and achieve some clear goals. A quality webinar platform will offer automatic data tracking. This will help you grow and strengthen your lesson plan based on real feedback, not guesswork.

The best recipe for a successful webinar strategy includes knowing some best practices. You should also create content based on niche specific tips. And, most importantly, you have to choose a platform that best serves your needs.

So, don’t skip this part.


How to Choose a Webinar Platform for Your Personal Brand

Not all personal brands are created equally. Neither are webinar platforms. They tend to vary in strengths, features, and price points. No matter what your niche is, you’ll need to choose a webinar platform with certain key features. Choose one that has a mobile app component. It’s great for hosting flexible broadcasting options. For example, you may need to go outside to show the vehicle you bought from using your strategies.

Here’s a real deal:

You’ll also need to look for a webinar platform with a paid room feature. First, provide some general knowledge webinars to attract followers. Then, loyal fans can pay for your higher value, more in-depth tutorials. Third party payment apps are messy and difficult to keep track of. But a webinar tool that includes this feature can streamline the process. All you have to do is focus on your viewers.

Then, make an impact on your target audience with emotions:

The feature to look for is appearance settings. Appearance settings let you control what your webinars look like. You can add your logo, change the your background image, and more. Leading webinar solutions include free Unsplash photos you can use for your profile page and webinar room.

And finally, you should explore webinar options with time-saving extras like meeting organization. Clients can book a private sessions during your webinar without missing a beat. You can also use this branded tool for other important meeting-related tasks. Review sponsorships and organize mastermind sessions with the right webinar platform.

Build your strong personal brand through webinars (and the many tools they have to offer). It only requires a little creativity, some audience research, and your unique flavor. Learning how to master this up-and-coming channel for personal brand marketing now will continue to pay off well into the future.

Hungry for more? We have a real treat for you! What you see below is the recording of our webinar with Jamie Turner, CEO at 60secondmarketer.comIt’s a must see for everyone who wants to start developing a personal brand!

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