5 Ways Webmasters Can Use Webinars In 2015

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A website that generates a lot of interest and insights from target audiences and other visitors has been a webmaster’s dream. That was true years ago, and perhaps even more true as we welcome the year ahead knowing fully well that we are all in an even tighter race for the best site traffic statistics and search engine optimization results.

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Videoconferencing is Medicine for What Ails Healthcare

how video conferencing can improve healthcare

The healthcare industry faces a lot of challenges that, while not unique to the healthcare industry alone, hits harder because healthcare is a need, not a want. Lack of adequate staff, time, and funds means that doctors and nurses have less time to spend with patients, and the wait time to get an appointment is an ever-present problem for people who have serious acute and chronic health problems. It’s a constant struggle for providers to keep up, and working the long hours and dealing with so many patients leaves them burnt out.

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The Role Of The Audience In Webinars: What Should You Expect, Hope And Prepare For

The Role Of The Audience In Webinars= What Should You

You boot up your computer, log on, sit back, relax and attend a webinar. To those who have long sailed the webinar stream, attending a web-based seminar is all too simple and it feels like second nature. Attending a webinar as part of the audience could not be any simpler than showing up to the scheduled event – the real work lands on the presenter and moderator, does it on? Wrong.

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Three Secrets to a Camera-Ready Appearance

look great on camera

Some people get all the luck: it seems like many people look great on camera, but we often feel awkward about our own on-screen appearance. The truth is, pretty much everyone feels this way. We’re just not used to seeing how we look on camera, so when we finally do it’s kind of a shock – even if we don’t actually look bad.

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Announce And Launch Your Next Great Product With A Webinar

Announce And Launch Your Next Great

The Information Age has changed the way we do business, that’s for sure. So why are you still thinking of doing it old school with the launch of your next great product? It’s time to stop trying to book that glitzy events place and sending out an army of RSVP-invitation touting messengers to your press guest list. Move over, traditional press launches; the webinar launch is here and it will take matters into its own hands.

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I Have Decided to Launch a Webinar, What Should I Do Next?

I Have Decided to Launch a Webinar

So you have realized the usefulness of doing a webinar, of how doing a virtual seminar over the web will increase your audience reach and enhance your organization’s overall marketing values. You know how promising doing a webinar is, you can almost taste success. The operative term, however, is almost. For in every endeavor that takes a fighting shot at success, there is a planning and preparation stage that defines the outcome. It should not be any different with your first webinar; how well you prepare for it will eventually define its outcome.

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How to Get a Yes: The Power of Ethical Persuasion

steps to yes

As a salesperson, there’s no word you like better than the word “yes.”  “Yes, I’d like to sign up for your newsletter,” or “Yes, I want a subscription to your service” are what a salesperson lives for.  But getting to “yes” can be a painstaking process involving multiple conversations and a lot of persistence.  There are often a lot of “no’s” before the “yes” – which is typical, but it’s knowing how to handle those “no’s” that gets you to the “yes.”

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Informational Webinar Ideas For Real Estate Business To Engage Leads

Informational Webinar Ideas For Real Estate

Engaging leads is a vital aspect of the sales funnel and webinars may just be one of the most effective tools that realtors can utilize effectively to satisfy their business goals. Engaging leads is all about keeping your target market informed. Those in the know within the real estate business knows that at a certain point in the marketing process, the target market is just not yet ready to take a step further and purchase. Especially in the real estate business where decisions often come rather slowly and achieving the best possible end result is always an important consideration, keeping leads informed and interested in your business is almost a requirement to convert them into buyers.

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