Your Target Audience Not an Algorithm

It’s pretty clear that a business of nearly any sort is going to require some degree of social media presence. That much we all subscribe to. And even though we have grown technologically, some of the traditional wisdom still applies to growing an audience for your platform. Now more than ever, the value of looking to your target audience as a relationship and less like an algorithm is fundamental. You get a lot more bang for your buck when you look at a person as a fully functioning intelligent individual and not your own personal resource.   Read more

Once a List-maker, Always a List-maker

Sure, effective time management sounds just like a chore. We all at one point or another have fallen back out of the practice of staying on task and the climb back of the mountain of productivity can appear daunting. It really doesn’t have to be such a challenge if you break things down into smaller parts so that you can address individual needs. You may even find quite a few tasks that you will be able to delegate out, sparing you time for matters that may acquire your individual attention. Read more

7 Essential Tips To Ace A Job Interview Over Videoconference

The prevalence of video capabilities through the use of various computer devices, such as, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones has steered the way for the increasing use of videoconferencing in business for many uses and purposes. More and more businesses find it easier and more time prudent to meet over video, which eliminates the need to travel and can bring people located around the world together quickly and easily. Read more

Infographic: 10 Fun Tips to Get Ready for Your Webinar

10 Tips for Successful Speech

Webinar “rock stars” make it look easy, don’t they? Everybody shows up, everything flows smoothly, all the details go beautifully. Your webinars can have a polished look-and-feel too. These tips will help you keep the basics mind as you take the (online) stage, grab the microphone and smile for your audience. You’ll be able to relax, have a little fun, and allow your inner rock star to emerge. Read more

Using the Power of the Question to Build Your Brand

Perhaps one of the easiest tools to start using during your videoconferencing process is the ability to poll information and directly alter the course of your meeting to address specific concerns of your groups or client. You can just as easily field typed responses as you can to offer a live poll during your live feed. This adds another great addition to fielding for live response through social media. Both are important in turning your web presence into a productive asset to help you excel with your business goals. Read more

The Shy Guy’s (and Gal’s) Guide to Online Meetings

Does the thought of leading a meeting scare the daylights out of you? Maybe just the idea of speaking your mind fills you with anxiety and dread. We’ve all felt a touch of it, so don’t get down on yourself. Others have overcome this trait, and unless your shyness has you living inside a cardboard box in the basement of a house on a deserted island, you can too ;) Read more

Bringing Business Back

When you’re elbow deep in a project and pulling at straws just to get through the brambles, it’s important to take a step back and regroup. Building any sort of webinar, or even arranging an online meeting, can be anything but a small task. Before you know it you can end up stressing about whether or not the banner above your window should be blue or red, what you are going to wear, and a wide array of other small details. Read more