Presentations that Enhance Your Brand

Have you ever attended a lame presentation? You know the kind I mean. The presenter limps from slide to slide, and the audience can hardly wait for it to end. If it’s an in-person presentation, the audience may be reluctant to walk out. But online . . . . one click and they’re gone. A presentation should reinforce your brand — and you may need a little help from your friends. So let’s chat about that inside. Read more

3 Webinar-Killing Mistakes — And How to Fix Them

What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say Powerpoint? If you’re like most people, the very word makes your eyes glaze over. Then your chin drops toward your chest. Soon you’re making a sound cartoonists illustrate with z-z-z-z-z. Boring! It’s time for a change. Does that mean you should toss Powerpoint out the nearest window? Here’s a less-drastic solution . . . Read more

Eye-Flirting: Ultimate Videoconferencing Guide ;)

Do you eye flirt? Oh yes you do . . . you can’t fool me. What does eye flirting have to do with business? Surprisingly, business is a highly social activity. Now I’m not saying that you should get overly personal in your business relationships. It’s just that . . . well, come on inside, let’s have a chat about this interesting subject. Read more

How Much Do Your Webinar Attendees Remember?

Lately, business trainers and traditional educators have embraced online learning because of ease and convenience. But teaching is tougher than it looks — just ask any schoolteacher. Why? too often, learners forget what you taught, so you’ve wasted your time and theirs. Today you’re going to learn a term you probably never heard of. And it may unlock some of the mysteries of learning. Let’s dive in . . . Read more

New ClickMeeting Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

We do everything possible to make ClickMeeting easy. But even that’s not enough for us. We want it to be convenient too. So we took the world’s most widely-used email program — good ol’ Microsoft Outlook — and developed a “killer plug-in” that lets you . . .  well, we’ve got a lot to tell you, so let’s get to it! Read more

Videoconferencing Idea for Service Professionals

In recent years a trend has emerged among service providers: specialization. Why? When consumers need help, they want a professional with skills and depth of knowledge — the best in that specific field, not a generalist. But it’s difficult for the average consumer to sort out professional qualifications. So they rely on other professionals for the hand-off. Here’s a videoconferencing idea to accomplish that. Read more