How to Create and Deliver Exciting and Impactful Webinars: Your Questions Answered


Recently, we had pleasure to host a webinar with one and only David Maldow, the CEO and founder of Let’s Do Video. As David is an expert in visual collaboration, he shared with us his experience and useful tips on how to create and deliver an exciting and impactful webinar. As many attendees found the event fascinating and inspiring, and lots of questions arose in the Q&A, we’ve decided to share the answers to the 10 most interesting ones. Hope you will find it handy!

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Custom Webinar Solution – When the Boxed Product Is Not Enough


You’ve heard that webinars are an awesome tool to reach out to your audience, win new clients and use in your internal communication. You’d like to incorporate webinars into your business strategy. Based on what you have learnt, though, it seems available platforms have many limitations and don’t offer features that meet the needs of a corporate client like you. You‘d rather get a custom solution but you don’t think it’s possible to have one. Well, believe us, it IS possible!

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4 Things You Must Do After Your Webinar Is Over


Even after a webinar presentation, there are many things you must do to boost its effectiveness. It would be a mistake to think your job is over once the webinar presentation ends. In fact, there are key tasks that require your attention, which are just as important to your marketing strategy thorough preparation beforehand. You need to send out post-webinar emails, analyze feedback and stats, and repurpose your webinar.

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What To Do When Kids Storm Into Your Live Webinar


The recent live interview on BBC News with Professor Robert Kelly reminds us that when giving a live webinar presentation, unexpected distractions can happen. You better be prepared for the unexpected. Professor Kelly managed to keep his composure and complete the interview when his kids stormed the room, but other situation may require a different approach. Here are some tips on how to deal with problems during your webinar.

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Identifying the Needs of Your Audience for Webinar Presentations

webinar audience

One of the keys to a successful webinar presentation is to identify the needs of your audience. While it’s important to deliver high-quality content in an educational and entertaining way, you will lose your audience if they can’t relate to the product. This means that all your hard work and preparation will be lost because the needs of your audience aren’t met.

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The Product Demo: A Winner With Customers In Making A Buying Decision


When it comes to marketing, earning the trust of and being of value to perspective customers should always be the end goal. The reasons for this are varied, but one of the most important is that today’s customer has a wide variety of choices in brands they can purchase from, as well as a multitude of sources that influence their decision making process and the brand that can connect with their customer in a profound way will typically be rewarded.

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