Overcoming Isolation: Building Community in Virtual Classrooms

Overcoming Isolation

Gone are the days when students had to commute to get to class or forgo higher education altogether. The option to take courses online has added the convenience of taking courses from wherever students may be at the present moment – whether it’s in the same city or across the country. In the case of asynchronous classes, students view their course lectures as recordings and can watch them whenever they can squeeze it in without having to work their schedule around a specific class time.

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Video Catch-Ups Keep Military Families Connected

military videconferencing

The men and women of the United States military overseas spend months, and sometimes years, away from their families in the name of service. The toll this takes on morale and on their relationships with parents, spouses, children, and extended family can be great. The military is constantly seeking out ways to improve the quality of life of their officers and make the distance between them and their families a little less significant.

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Pre-conference Checklist for Avoiding Technical Difficulties

pre-conference checklsist

It’s a privilege able to sit in the comfort of your office to meet with colleagues. Videoconferencing alone can take out some of the usual struggles, but the convenience can be optimized if you come prepared. It comes with its own challenges, and technical difficulties happen to the best of us – Internet connections get dropped or make the screen lag, documents don’t load properly, and microphones that were supposedly connected carry no sound. There’s no magic bullet for completely avoiding these problems, however, you can minimize them. This checklist of technology aspects of a webinar will help keep technical problems at bay.

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When Does Intra-office Videoconferencing Make Sense?

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Typically, videoconferencing is used in meetings when one or more participants are not in the same location. A construction manager can remote in to a quick catch-up with a project manager to share details from the field, and an employee working from home can be present for an all-staff meeting. Not having to spend time traveling and abandoning what you’re currently doing is just one of the benefits of videoconferencing.

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Webinars And Relationship Marketing: A Match Made In Heaven

Webinars And Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is a concept that is defined as marketing that focuses on the satisfaction and long-term retention of the customer as opposed to simply making a sale. In contrast to other forms of marketing, relationship marketing recognizes the value of that long-term relationship between a company and the customer beyond just a one sale and molds a campaign to serve that end.

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Remote Interpreting: Does It Work?

remote interpreting

Interpreters speak for those who can’t otherwise be understood. Their job is to go wherever they’re needed – the courtroom, a medical office, a school – and convert the message of one speaker into the language of the person who needs to hear it. Most interpreting is done on-site, and for good reason. Interpreting is usually for a specific purpose and setting, most of which requires both the speaker and listener to be present. Many interpretation scenarios are highly private and sensitive, and can’t be dependent on the relative quality of an Internet connection. For most purposes, interpretation is done the old-fashioned way.

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Save Time and Keep Customers with Virtual IT Support

videoconferencing IT support

If you work in IT, you already deal with a lot of frustration.  You get frustrated with the workload, difficult problems that won’t resolve, and sometimes difficult customers (though you manage to keep your cool).  Customers get frustrated because what they expect to work isn’t working.  And often, they lose their cool.  The deluge of problems to solve and people to make happy is what makes IT one of the most stressful professions.

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